27, Apr 2023
73% viewers are watching IPL on JioCinema, says Synchronize India and Unomer report

73% viewers are watching IPL

New Delhi | 27 April 2023: SCORE, the IPL ad effectiveness measurement report by Synchronize India and Unomer has revealed that JioCinema’s digital streaming on mobile and connected TV has reached three times more IPL viewers than Star Sports on TV. According to the report, 73% of viewers stream IPL on digital platforms and only 27% of viewers watch IPL via cable/ DTH.

SCORE further explains that more viewers stream IPL on Smart TVs than watching over cable or DTH. With 62% viewers on connected TV and 38% viewers on cable/DTH, the report further establishes declining IPL viewership on TV.

The report also breaks down the audience viewing patterns. 52% of people watch IPL on both TV and mobile, 30% watch exclusively on mobile and 18% prefer to watch it only on TV. In a nutshell, one-third of viewers watch IPL exclusively on JioCinema, and over half are watching on mobile and TV both.

Synchronize India, a marketing and consumer insights company and Unomer, the leading digital consumer insights platform have partnered to bring ‘SCORE’ – an ad effectiveness measurement solution for brands advertising and sponsoring during Tata IPL 2023.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 has been witnessing a sharp drop in the number of advertisers on television. According to the recent BARC data, the number of advertisers on TV has fallen by 50% in the first 19 matches of this season. The data shows that this year IPL has only attracted 35 advertisers on TV, while this number was 72 in the last season.

On the other hand, JioCinema has reached a record number of sponsors and advertisers during IPL’s digital streaming, with 23 sponsors on board.

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