4, May 2024
A Celebration of Luxury and Style in Pushpanjali R Chawla’s Language


luxury and style

In the lush settings of Lutyens Delhi, esteemed luxury connoisseur Pushpanjali R Chawla recently orchestrated an exquisite high tea event, showcasing her unparalleled acumen in the luxury sector. The afternoon affair witnessed the seamless blend of glamour, functionality, and artistic flair embodied by the creations of two prominent brands, Totally TALA by Tala Alamuddin and Ahikoza by Namrata Karad.

The event reimagined handbags into more than mere statement accessories but also elevated them as a woman’s perfect plus one. By bringing Totally TALA and Ahikoza together, Pushpanjali’s unforgettable high tea event offered the guests a unique experience to delve deep into the realm of haute couture and artisanal craftsmanship.

In a whirlwind of unmatched timeless appeal and contemporary design, Ahikoza’s handbags are favored by celebrities such as Alessandra Ambrosio and Alia Bhatt charmed the crowd with its refined and sophisticated curation of geometric and classic silhouettes, adorned in vibrant candy colors.

Meanwhile, excelling beyond the paradigm, Totally TALA showcased a collection that featured unconventional shapes and lively patterns. Pieces including the tassel jettaway bag emerged as favourites among luminaries like Amal Clooney, which captures the essence of modern luxury with a playful twist.

Pushpanjali R Chawla’s keen eye for detail and depth of knowledge for nuances of luxury allow her to redefine the concept of fashion and lifestyle that exceeds expectations and sets new standards of perfection.

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