28, Jun 2023
A delightful wind-up to your summers at Roseate House
The holiday season is now coming to an end and Roseate House is there to give its patrons a luxurious summer gateway with exclusive stays, dining experiences, curated seasonal menus, food festivals, summer splash packages, rejuvenating coolers and cocktails, and much more.
Roseate House

Let’s check out what Roseate House is offering to give your summer a perfect wind-up:

Sunday Themed Brunches at Del from 12 pm to 4 pm –

Unwind over calming live music and a delectable-themed brunch every Sunday. From Rajputana Royal Cuisine to Spanish Delight, you can enjoy enticing meals every Sunday from different traditions.
On 4th June there is Rajputana Royal Cuisine on the menu that consists of the region’s famous dishes such as Pithore, Ker Sangri, Mattar Ka Nimona, Dal Dhokli, Masala Bati, and so on. At Del, you can also try out Cantonese Cuisine featuring traditional Buddhist food on 11th June, where you can have Congee with Century Egg, Lean Steamed Chicken Bun, Choy Sum in Oyster Sauce, and Turnip Cakes. Not to forget, on 25th June Spanish Delight is a must-try as it has Spa De Almendra, Xato, which is a form of Salad, Patatas Bravas, Tapas Platter, Cozidos Espanhois Gamberoni Alla Griglia, Paella Mixta and Sopapilla Cheesecake in the menu.

Have your own Beer ‘O’ Clock at Del and Chidiya Ghar bar –

Enjoy a beer bucket of 5 pints of Kingfisher premium beer at our world cuisine bistro, bar, or in the comfort of your room while staying at Roseate House.

You can also chill over iced teas made with garden-fresh herbs and fruits as well as delectable drinks at Del, Kheer, and Chidiya Ghar Bar.

Summer Splash –

Enjoy a relaxing swim in our rooftop infinity pool with a delightful view of the cityscape. You may like to extend it to a delectable breakfast, lunch, or a 60 minutes spa session!
So what is stopping you? Come and give your summers a delightful wind-up only at Roseate House.
To know more, please contact +91 1130158657 or write to info@roseatehotels.com

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