6, Dec 2023
Abbott Launches FreeStyle LibreLink Mobile App for People Who Use FreeStyle Libre ® System in India

• App enables people with diabetes who use Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre system to monitor their glucose levels to view their data directly on their smartphone.
• People can use FreeStyle LibreLink to seamlessly share their information with healthcare professionals through LibreView and with caregivers through a separate LibreLinkUp app
• FreeStyle LibreLink app is available across India for compatible iPhone and Android smartphones

Bangalore, India, 6 December 2023 — Abbott, the global healthcare leader, announced the launch of its digital health tool, the FreeStyle LibreLink app in India. The mobile application will allow people who use the FreeStyle Libre system to measure their glucose to now get their readings on their mobile phones anytime, anywhere without the pain of pricking. 1 By launching an integrated FreeStyle Libre digital platform, Abbott aims to empower people to better manage their diabetes through easy monitoring, easy insights, and easy connection. The mobile app is available to work on compatible iPhone and Android smartphones.

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 The FreeStyle LibreLink app enables people with diabetes to see their glucose data in real-time on their smartphones, and easily share the information with their doctors and caregivers. The mobile app uses near-field communication (NFC) technology to transfer glucose data from the sensor to the mobile app, allowing people to help track eight-hour glucose history, and real-time trend patterns to manage food, insulin use, medication, and exercise on their smartphone. This eliminates the need to use a separate reader for glucose monitoring.

 Speaking on the launch, Kalyan Sattaru, general manager of Abbott’s Diabetes Care Business in South Asia said, “People living with diabetes experience significant burden as they face a multitude of tasks to effectively manage their diabetes. FreeStyle LibreLink app seamlessly integrates with the FreeStyle Libre sensor, the world’s No.1 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) used by more than 5 million people with diabetes globally. 2 At Abbott, we are committed to ensuring our FreeStyle Libre technology not only simplifies the daily routines for people living with diabetes but also empowers them to manage their diabetes more effectively.”

  Adding, Dr. Manoj Chawla, Senior Diabetologist said, “The ability to automatically receive glucose information on real-time basis can facilitate easier diabetes management for people with diabetes and their caregivers. New diabetes technology will pave the way for precise and informed decision-making.”

 People using FreeStyle LibreLink can share information with their healthcare professionals and caregivers through LibreView and LibreLinkUp, digital health tools that are also part of the FreeStyle Libre platform:

  •  LibreView is a secure, cloud-based diabetes management system that enables patient to share their glucose insights with their healthcare provider helping them take timely intervention.
  •  LibreLinkUp is a mobile app for parents and caregivers, allowing them to easily check glucose history and trends for a child, elderly parent or loved ones managing diabetes.

 People using the FreeStyle LibreLink app have access to the latest updates and new features in comparison to the FreeStyle Libre reader. This includes a larger, high-resolution display, text-to-speech capabilities for glucose readings (when enabled), and data shared automatically through the app without the need to upload it manually. While the app can replace the reader, the two can also be used in combination with each other.

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