17, Oct 2023
Ambuja Cements and ACC Champion Customer-Centric Sustainable Construction Solutions

Bangalore, 17 October 2023: Ambuja Cements and ACC, the cement and building material companies of the diversified Adani Group, take pride in announcing their dedicated commitment to addressing vital customer needs while advancing sustainable construction practices. Recognising the paramount importance of having technical guidance, material selection expertise, and the crucial role of selecting the right contractors and engineers, both companies have harnessed their technical expertise to deliver an array of solutions. These solutions are thoughtfully designed to empower customers and enhance their construction experiences.

Amid Ambuja Cement’s and ACC’s array of innovative solutions, one stands out prominently: the cutting-edge Instant Concrete Mix Proportioning Solution, which has been meticulously developed by the technical team. This innovative approach optimises the proportions of aggregates, sand, and water in concrete mixes, considering their unique properties. This groundbreaking approach truly reflects the companies unwavering commitment to resource efficiency.

The in-house developed Modular Curing Solution, also known as Zero-Water Curing, signifies another remarkable milestone in sustainable construction practices. This ingenious technique facilitates concrete slab curing without the excessive use of water. Over the past year, it has been successfully implemented at around 3,300 sites, leading to significant water savings of about 39-million litres. This approach not only conserves water, but ensures the longevity and quality of concrete structures.

Recognising the critical role of slab casting in construction, the expert technical teams are entrusted with providing invaluable guidance and supervision during this important stage. Around 32,000 customers annually benefit from the technical guidance and supervision. This commitment ensures that the customers can consistently achieve optimal outcomes during this crucial construction phase.

Mr. Ajay Kapur, CEO of Cement Business and Ambuja Cements, said, “Innovation and sustainability are the very heart of our mission. At Ambuja Cements and ACC, we are not just building structures, we are also building a better future for our customers and our planet. Together, we are constructing a legacy of excellence and environmental stewardship.”

In addition to these practical solutions, the cement companies are also dedicated to knowledge sharing. They actively promote sustainable construction and advanced construction material techniques through seminars, demonstrations, and engagement with architects and engineers. This commitment to fostering a culture of learning and innovation empowers industry professionals to make informed and sustainable choices, enriching the construction landscape.

Ambuja Cements and ACC steadfastly maintain their committed to enriching the customer experience by addressing critical needs and promoting sustainability in construction practices. Their vision extends beyond delivering top-tier products to encompass providing invaluable guidance and support, essential for the success of sustainable construction.

Ambuja Cements and ACC share the commitment towards innovation, sustainability, and customer empowerment in the construction industry with a focus on delivering high-quality cement and building materials.

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