15, Feb 2023
An online solo exhibition ‘Soulful Strides’ by Artist Priyendra Shukla presented by Ehsaas and Arthouse from February 15th to March 14th, 2023

Artist Priyendra Shukla will be showcasing hi solo o nline exhibition called ‘Soulful Strides’ portraying his passion and fascination for the majestic horse on Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 at 7.30 pm. The show is curated by Manisha Gawade and is presented by Ehsaas, New Delhi and Arthouse by AV, Dubai.

Soulful Stride is a beautiful array of artworks in which the artist explicitly portrays the force and speed that is the essence of the Horse. Through bold and forceful brushstrokes and spatula, he reflects his thoughts on canvas, unhindered. Using an interplay of thin, emotive strokes and bold patches of colours and seeks to encapsulate the spirit of raw power and momentum that defines the form of a horse.

Talking about his artworks and the exhibition, Shukla remarks, ‘As the moment flashes by, leaving its colour on my being, I try to hold on to it. For these colours fade away with time, pushed back into oblivion by fresh colours of new moments. Such are the workings of the ever-changing panorama that is life. I long to internalize the moment and bring it to the realm of the tangible, where I can go back and live it again. But need I tell you, that to do so, is impossible?’

A journalist, internationally acclaimed artist, curator and designer herself, Manisha Gawade has curated the exhibition and extends support via her organisation -Ehsaas which she created along with her sister Dr. Alka Raghuvanshi bringing breakthroughs in Indian art and textile. Manisha Gawade has contributed widely to the media from television, and radio to the print media. She has been a part of more than 132 painting exhibitions the world over and many of her paintings form a part of serious museum collections as well as palace collections in Oman and Dubai, Europe and South America. She has been working with more than 200 weavers in the past few years and has curated several textile exhibitions for them to give them a bigger platform.

Manisha Gawade exclaimed, “Priyendra’s muse has noticeably been the horse and with Soulful Strides he comes out with yet another bold collection. The unrestrained impulsiveness in his works is inspired by the fluid movement of these stunning creatures. The almost frolicking lines, the limited number of colours employed and the seemingly random movement of strokes, come together to achieve awe-inspiring results certain to resonate with the discerning art aficionado.”

The show receives strong anchorage from Ambika Vohra who has carved out a niche for herself in the world of art by encouraging young emerging talent from the Subcontinent, Europe and Middle East, giving them windows of opportunity.

The show will go live on Wednesday on online platforms Facebook and Instagram. Interested viewers can log onto the following links to enjoy the exhibition. She is a highly acclaimed name in the world of art and has organised several major exhibitions across the GCC.

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