21, Feb 2023
AXOR presents Design Cupid powered by GoodHomes: A three-day celebration of creativity, luxury, and design

India, 21st February 2023: GoodHomes, India’s leading lifestyle and décor brand, is renowned for its credible and dependable information on design, style, décor, and beyond. With its immersive experiences, the brand has always set a high standard. In collaboration with AXOR, the brand is now curating a stimulating event that showcases an exceptional blend of luxury, design, conversations, and more. From February 21-23, 2023, the two partners will host an experiential getaway called “AXOR presents Design Cupid powered by GoodHomes” at the extraordinary Samsara Desert Camp & Resort in Rajasthan.

Design Cupid, inspired by AXOR’s remarkable ideology of “By Personalities for Personalities”, will not only feature seventeen participating couples from the architecture and interior design community but also three prominent personalities from the luxury industry, including product designer Jay Osgerby, notable architect Alan Abraham, and artist Ajay Patil. With sessions planned to provide a range of design perspectives, invitees will have a unique opportunity to engage with Jay Osgerby about his design philosophy, as well as his profound understanding of concepts like synergy in design, the impact of collaborations, and more. In another session, architect Alan Abraham will share his knowledge of the idea of Interaction Design.

Mr. Deepak Lamba, CEO of Worldwide Media, discussed the experiential getaway and stated that their goal with GoodHomes is to provide design enthusiasts and professionals with exceptional experiences that allow for creative rejuvenation. The event ‘AXOR presents Design Cupid powered by GoodHomes’ is a further step in celebrating artistry and authenticity. The partnership with AXOR for this three-day exchange of dialogues is exciting, and they aim to provide a creatively stimulating experience for all guests and luminaries involved.

Ronitaa R. Italia, Editor In Chief, GoodHomes India says, “We wanted to highlight the significance of collaboration and communication in the process of design. What better way to do this than with couples who work together? That’s why AXOR presents Design Cupid powered by GoodHomes. To explore the dynamics of engagement and celebrate the special bond these special people share. It’s all heart!”

“With AXOR presents Design Cupid powered by GoodHomes, we look at further strengthening our association with the AID community and facilitating a dialogue that centers around the idea of synergy in design explored through creative expression,” says Gaurav Malhotra, Managing Director, Hansgrohe.

AXOR presents Design Cupid powered by GoodHomes will feature luminaries from the architecture and interior design community. List of the 17 participating couples for Design Cupid –

1. Anca Florescu Abraham and Alan Abraham

2. Archana and Rupesh Baid

3. Devika and Raj Khosla

4. Ekta and Rajiv Parekh

5. Monolita Chatterjee and Punnen C Mathew

6. Nita and Indrajit Kembhavi

7. Pallavi Shetty and Zubin Master

8. Pashmin Shah and Satyajeet Patwardhan

9. Rakhee Bedi and Shobhit Kumar

10. Ritu and Yatin Patel

11. Shalini and Vinod Bachala

12. Shalini and Amit Gehlot

13. Shivangi and Manav Patel

14. Shreenu and Ranjeet Mukherjee

15. Shruti and Vaibhav Dimri

16. Sweta and Ajay Arya

17. Varuna Arvind and Arvind Rangan

AXOR presents Design Cupid powered by GoodHomes will be held from 21st to 23rd February 2023 at the Samsara Desert Camp & Resort, Rajasthan

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