1, Nov 2023
Belrise Industries Ltd. co-founder & Executive Director Mrs. Supriya S. Badve honoured with Influential Leaders of India 2023 award

National, 1 Nov 2023: Mrs. Supriya S. Badve, Executive Director, Belrise Industries Ltd., has been honoured with the Influential Leaders of India 2023 award. Now in its 3rd edition, the Influential Leaders of India celebrates leaders at the vanguard of a wave of change.

Mrs. Supriya S. Badve, Executive Director, Belrise Industries Ltd., said, “I am happy to be honoured with the Influential Leaders of India 2023 award. India’s time of being recognized at a global level has come and Indian entrepreneurs have to seize the moment now. I am confident that such awards will also inspire a new set of women entrepreneurs who will add and enhance the Make in India movement. Such awards provide an opportunity to communicate the uniqueness of our business model, our MOAT, and our right to win.”

Belrise Award

She added, “The focus of Influential Leaders is sharply aligned with the needs of a dynamic reality, and they are deftly reshaping organizations and serving communities to match an all-new strategic vision empowering India from Vision to Action. India needs many more entrepreneurs to emerge and cater to the domestic and international markets.”

Mrs. Supriya S. Badve is a multi-faceted business professional with a demonstrated history of being a pioneer, thought leader, and innovator who has led from the front in the automotive components manufacturing industry. Apart from having impeccable academics, being graduated (M. Sc Physics) from Vidarbha Mahavidyalaya Amravati, she is also highly experienced and skilled in, Business Planning, Quality Management Systems, and Human Resources. On behalf of Belrise Industries Limited, she received three JIPM Awards and has been interviewed on DD Sahyadri for women entrepreneurship. She is the recipient of the rotary vocational award. Charter President of Rotary E-Club Of E-Diamond.

Apart from playing a pivotal role in the journey of Belrise Industries Limited, Mrs. Supriya Badve has other passions & business interests in “Sportsindi” (Founder & CEO), a social platform that focuses on bringing sports enthusiasts together, and Xara Flowers which is into Floriculture. A nature lover by heart, she was attracted by the idea of a business in floriculture in 2007. She then completed a formal certificate course in floriculture Development from Horticulture Training Center, Pune. Hence a fulfilling journey of establishing her very own flourishing floriculture unit “Xaraflowers”, an associate company of Belrise Industries Limited. These aspects showcase her multi-faceted and holistic personality as an influential leader and mentor.

The award function of Mrs. Supriya Badve was aired on a prominent business channel where she expressed her views on how adversity and setbacks are part and parcel of the entrepreneurial journey. It is available in the public domain.

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