3, Aug 2023
Bringing the magic of Indian weaves to the forefront of contemporary men’s luxury fashion

 Indian weaves

Jaipur, 3rd August 2023: In this era of evolving fashion trends every single day, as designers are going out and about to be inspired for the next big thing when it comes to redefining men’s contemporary fashion scape, Kalash Parnami, an independent fashion designer and brand visionary from the Pink City, has found his mettle in bringing the weaves and art of the country together in his designs to create an ensemble of affordable luxury clothing for the contemporary men.

Label Kalash Parnami is an independent fashion boutique based in the quaint city of Jaipur, helmed by the vivacious and colorful Kalash Parnami. Born and brought up in the city of the Royals, Kalash had been forever bedazzled by the beauty of the local weaves and the varied arts that define our country. From the infamous Kalamkari to the dignified Khadi stitches, from the charming Jaipur prints like Sanganeri and Bagru to the traditionaly rich Banarasi fabrics – his collections resonate and reflect the many hues of Indian weave art that has been generationally carried on, but are yet to make their mark on the contemporary fashion ethics. Kalash, thereafter through his gamur of seasonal collection for the men for different occassions ranging from casual to celebratory, has sought to blend the heritage of Indian looms with the modern day fashion trends to create a host of eclectic designs for the young and the young at heart.

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With Label Kalash Parnami, Khyathi shall be working to increase their brand presence and adding to the growth strategy of the name through varied media of communication.

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