14, Sep 2023
Brown Toy Box and Microsoft Announce Transformational Collaboration

Brown Toy Box

Atlanta, GA, September 14, 2023 — Equipping Black Nonprofits to Inspire Youth: Brown Toy Box and Microsoft Announces Transformational Collaboration

Brown Toy Box, an innovative educational toy company dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), proudly announces its groundbreaking collaboration with Microsoft Nonprofit Tech Acceleration. This transformative collaboration merges tactile toys with innovative learning technology, empowering, Black-led nonprofits to inspire youth who are underrepresented in both toys and games, through engaging online educational games.

Tactile + Technology = Transformation

The collaboration’s motto, “Tactile Plus Technology Equals Transformation,” encapsulates its visionary approach to play-based learning and STEAM education. By harnessing the power of hands-on play-based learning and blending it with state-of-the-art technology, Brown Toy Box and Microsoft are set to revolutionize how children from diverse backgrounds engage with STEAM subjects.

Empowering Black Nonprofits to Inspire Youth to “Discover It, Dream It, Do It!”

The core mission of this collaboration is to equip Black-led nonprofits serving youth with innovative tools to ignite curiosity and exploration in STEAM fields. Microsoft will leverage its expertise to bring Brown Toy Box’s renowned educational STEAM kits to life in the digital sphere. These kits, renowned for their tactile engagement, will be transformed into captivating online educational games, expanding their reach and impact.

“Through this collaboration once the technology is complete, Brown Toy Box Foundation will work side by side with Microsoft to then deploy the games to organizations that would typically not have access. We’re breaking down barriers and expanding access to quality STEAM education in a fun and representative way,” says Terri-Nichelle Bradley, Founder and CEO of Brown Toy Box and chair of Brown Toy Box Foundation. “The fusion of our tactile kits with advanced technology will drive a transformative learning experience, fostering confidence, curiosity, and a lifelong passion for learning.”

Darrell Booker, Corporate Affairs Specialist with Microsoft, emphasizes, “Our collaboration with Brown Toy Box underscores our commitment to diversity, equity, and innovation. By translating their tactile STEAM kits into interactive digital games, we’re creating an inclusive space for young minds to explore the realms of technology and AI while equipping the Black-led nonprofits that we serve to add an important engagement tool to their offering.”

Introducing Youth to Technology and AI Through Engaging Games

Microsoft’s role will be to develop a series of interactive educational games, leveraging platforms such as MakeCode and others. These games will serve as a gateway to introduce children to the exciting world of technology, game creation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) while making STEAM education accessible, engaging, and relevant.

A Vision of Inclusivity, Empowerment, and Skill Building

The collaboration between Brown Toy Box and Microsoft exemplifies a joint vision of inclusivity, empowerment, and innovation. As STEAM education continues to evolve, this collaboration will empower young individuals from underrepresented communities to become not only consumers but creators and leaders in the world of technology.

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