26, Oct 2023
Cake Me Away NOTO launches a sensational line of guilt-free Cheesecakes

Cake Me Away NOTO launches a sensational line of guilt-free Cheesecakes

Mumbai, October 26th, 2023: NOTO, Mumbai’s healthiest dessert brand, is launching a line of guilt-free, low-calorie classic cheesecakes that are about to take the city by storm.

NOTO has become synonymous with the creation of guilt-free treats. Their diverse product line, which includes gelato, ice cream, mini bites, and popsicles, demonstrates a commitment to redefining indulgence. NOTO proves once again that they’re here to redefine guilt-free indulgence with this line of cheesecakes.

Each delectable, 30 percent less calories cheesecake comes in four tantalising flavors, each a testament to the marriage of exquisite taste and guilt-free indulgence. Sink your teeth into “Bis Crush’s” velvety embrace, an irresistible dance of Bischoff’s iconic notes and guilt-free satisfaction. With “Rocher Romance”, feel the invigorating jolt of Cocoa and Hazelnut when the strong flavours meet the creamy swirls of light yogurt in a symphony.

Or go back to basics, with “I Love New York,” a classic cheesecake that sparks an explosion of delicious flavours with every bite. It is also has no added sugar, making it extra light and extra healthy. “Blueberry Bliss” brings the ultimate fruity rendezvous, offering an idyllic array of flavours with a beautiful tarty topping. These are not just cheesecakes, these are mouthwatering out-of-body experiences that will change the cheesecake game forever- and they are so healthy that you can keep eating them without feeling an ounce of guilt!

According to Ashni Shah, the co-founder of NOTO, the cheesecakes at NOTO perfectly balance quality and decadence. She says, “With the release of these delicious treats, we are excited to continue our dedication to guilt-free indulgence without sacrificing flavour. We make these cheesecakes with healthy Greek Yogurt instead of heavy cream cheese, making them light and creamy!”

NOTO’s is more than just desserts; it’s an experience that joyfully embraces both flavour and satisfaction. Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity to indulge in the best guilt-free cheesecake available.

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