12, Jun 2024
Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with Yauatcha’s New Festive Menu and Patrón’s Crafted Libations

Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

Yauatcha, the renowned Chinese dim sum teahouse, is delighted to announce its celebration of the traditional Chinese holiday, the Dragon Boat Festival. In honour of this auspicious occasion, Yauatcha is introducing a limited edition menu along with a new cocktail menu in collaboration with Patron.

Paying homage to these festivities and the Chinese heritage, we are beyond thrilled to introduce a menu that showcases a selection of Zongzi that you can share with your friends and family over old memories and new stories. This limited edition menu experience features the Mock meat and mushroom zongzi dumpling, skillfully combining white & straw mushroom with asparagus. Steamed to perfection, the Black truffle zongzi dumpling envelopes your senses with fragrant herbal aromas, evoking the essence of tradition.

For those seeking a unique combination, the Chicken and prawn zongzi dumpling harmoniously blends succulent chicken, prawns, and dry shiitake mushrooms, celebrating the heart of Chinese culinary traditions. Discover the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of the Braised pork belly zongzi dumpling, where tender and luscious pork belly absorbs the essence of Sichuan peppercorns, heightened by the subtle botanical infusion from the steamed lotus leaf.

Conclude your meal with our delicious Mango rice tapioca dessert which features jasmine rice pudding, fresh mango compote, served with our mango mascarpone and ice cream.

Along with the flavourful food items on the menu, Yauatcha will also feature a new cocktail menu themed East Meets West in collaboration with Patron. This menu serves as a unique cocktail experience at Yauatcha that brings together the vibrant and bold flavours of tequila with the delicate and aromatic notes of Asian ingredients. From botanical nuances to sweet indulgence to citrus aromas to spicy hints, we have a selection of delicious tipples that will take you on a sensorial journey. The menu is designed to take you on a journey across continents, where the rich traditions of the Mexican agave spirit are artfully blended with the sophisticated tastes of Asia.

  • Smoke & Chill: Patrón Reposado, agave, hickory smoke, ghost pepper
  • Fuzhou Highball: Patrón Reposado, lime, elderflower, jasmine seltzer
  • Pun Chun Margarita: Patrón Silver, yuzu sake, pun chun brine
  • Dragon Boat Margarita: Patrón Silver infused red rice, sake, wasabi, yuzu
  • The Samurai: Patrón Silver, Mezcal, melon liqueur, jalapeno, lime, agave
  • Suanni: Patrón Silver, bianco vermouth, Mezcal, clarified bloody mary mix

With all these and more, all the cocktails on the menu are infused with flavors synonymous with the Dragon Boat Festival, providing a unique and modern twist to the festivities.

When: Ongoing
Where: Yauatcha, Mumbai

Timings: 12 pm – 1 am

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