3, Nov 2023
coto Revolutionizes Community Engagement With AI-Enhanced Q&A Feature

National, 3 November 2023: As a significant leap forward in creating a safe and non-judgmental space for women, coto launches its ground-breaking AI-powered Q&A feature. With this announcement, it became the first women-only social community app to introduce the feature. coto furthers its commitment to creating an environment for all the women who aspire to develop their communities, collectives as well and businesses by providing them with the necessary AI tools.

Through this Q&A feature, a new subset of tools such as Anonymous Posting, Unique Text Edit mode, and Tagging Experts is introduced into the app. Aligning them with relevant themes, coto aims to create a cohesive communication ecosystem within the platform to encourage more meaningful and purpose-driven engagement between the creators and the community members. Moreover, it eradicates misinformation and misleading content which is a unique offering that users can experience on the platform.

The latest upgrade incorporates Open AI’s intelligent technology to encourage curiosity not only in the form of image, video or anime but also questions and empowers women to learn and grow. Be it about discussing taboo topics such as sex, marital rape, menstruation, or embracing their imperfections, this unique feature strengthens women’s right to ask and speak their mind louder on a digital platform like never before.

coto’s latest AI-based Q&A format highlights include:

● Q&A prompts help users frame their queries into proper questions as well as suggest similar questions to match their exact queries. It also enables a user of a particular community to ask questions, share insights through the option of Anonymous posting to keep their privacy on question post and normal post

● Tagging creators/ subject matter experts and community creators enables the query of a user to be directed to the right creators/ subject matter experts. This will not only avoid misleading information and provide accurate responses to the user but also provide exposure to the creators/subject matters among the community members.

● Unique Text Edit Mode which is available for Question Post as well as Normal Post offers a selection of options including Writing Prompt, Assistive Phrasing and similar Question Suggestions, a Community Selection Page, People Tagging Page, and a Preview Page.

Now available for all women creators and communities across Android and iOS devices, the AI-powered Q&A feature offers the published view of both normal posts and question posts on home & community feeds respectively. Users can not only see a detailed page view of a normal post and a question post but also can switch between the two. Moreover, they can see their reactions, answers, comments, replies to answers & comments, and upvotes for an answer in a question post.

Through this Q&A feature, the platform brings in the right kind of personalization, recommendation, and tooling for their users. The LLM(Large Language Model)-augmented Knowledge Graph Question Answering (KGQA) technique of generative AI serves as an invaluable tool to foster engagement, facilitate information discovery, and strengthen the sense of community on the platform.

Expressing his excitement around the launch, Tarun Katial, Founder and CEO at coto, stated, “Overcoming challenges related to credibility and capability perceptions among women is crucial. To address these issues, we have integrated unbiased AI systems into our platform. This AI-enhanced Q&A feature, combined with the rise of advanced language models, empowers women to seize upskilling opportunities, stay abreast of AI advancements, and remain future-ready. With this revolutionary AI-powered Q&A feature, we have taken a giant leap forward. Through the launch of this new feature, we aim to further strengthen our existing user base and experience. This development reflects coto’s dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning, personal growth, and embracing the entire journey.”

Commenting on the announcement, the Co-Founder of coto, Rajneel Kumar said, “The AI-enhanced Q&A feature will increase engagement, make acquiring knowledge easier, and strengthen the sense of community. The new upgrade offering filters and engagement tools on the homepage, will give users more room to browse and navigate through the communities on the phone. Moving beyond text, the platform has made a significant effort towards offering icons, emojis, and videos to make it non-language dependent for a seamless user experience. Moreover, it will ensure that user questions are accurately interpreted and effectively answered using this vast repository. This will enhance the Q&A experience on the platform, making it more interactive, contextual, and supportive of the conversation. From a design perspective, coto has taken an icon-centric approach to make it look unique.”

coto invites women from all walks of life to join the platform and experience the transformative power of its AI-enhanced Q&A feature. It will help the platform discover more supportive communities where curiosity thrives, discussions flourish, and personal growth is embraced in order to achieve a precise balance of empathy, inclusivity, empowerment, and respect.

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