8, May 2024
Delta Electronics India Transforms Telecom Customer Support with Innovative Technology and Exceptional Service

Delta Electronics India

GURUGRAM, 8th May 2024 — Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, reaffirms its commitment to empowering engineers, maximizing customer uptime, and embracing innovation specifically for the telecom sector, through a comprehensive service network and cutting-edge technological advancements.

Mr. Niranjan Nayak, MD, Delta Electronics India, said “Our engineers are the backbone of Delta’s success in India, and their continual growth and development are central to our mission. Delta has established an advanced CRM & Learning Management system to support engineers remain updated, and manage their workflow efficiently and a nationwide training infrastructure comprising workshops, online courses, and hands-on labs equipped with live equipment. This approach ensures that our more than 1,000+ engineers across the country possess real-time information & expertise needed to address diverse customer requirements effectively, fostering enduring partnerships and delivering exceptional service experiences.”

Delta boasts an expansive service network spanning the nation, extending from Leh in the north to Kanyakumari in the south. Supported by over 70+ strategically situated Service warehouses, this network ensures swift delivery of essential components and rapid service response, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency for our esteemed customers.

Delta Electronics India is at the forefront of adopting emerging technologies to revolutionize service delivery in Telecom operations:

· VR Technology: Exploring VR’s potential for remote training and visualization enables engineers to gain practical experience in virtual environments.

· Geo-tracking & Geo-fencing: Optimizing engineer field deployment through location tracking and task assignment based on real-time position ensures efficient service delivery and minimizes travel time.

· AR & AI: Integrating augmented reality and artificial intelligence enhances remote assistance and diagnostics, leading to faster problem resolution and improved first-call resolution rates.

· E-learning & Training Centers: Developed robust e-learning platform and multi-utilized training centers empowers both internal and external stakeholders.

Understanding the importance of real-time feedback, Delta utilizes AI-powered tools to capture customer feedback and conduct audits, driving continuous service improvement. Moreover, Delta offers customer support in multiple regional languages, ensuring seamless communication and building trust with our diverse customer base.

Mr. Rajesh Kaushal, Vice President, Delta Electronics India, mentioned “Our robust remote technical support capabilities underscore our commitment to customer uptime,” affirms Our dedicated DeltaCare team of L1, L2, and L3 engineers, equipped with cutting-edge technology, resolves substantial customer issues remotely while on call itself, significantly enhancing operational efficiency ,quick turnaround and minimizing service disruptions. This not only benefits our customers but also contributes to a more sustainable future by reducing unnecessary travel and environmental impact.

Delta invests in dedicated training labs equipped with live products & equipment to enhance engineer understanding and technical proficiency. Additionally, operating in-house repair center ensures swift service accessibility, maximizing uptime and profitability for partners’ products.

Delta’s all-season, 24/7 remote resolution DeltaCare support guarantees customer uptime while reducing environmental impact by minimizing travel requirements. Our remote resolution support team saves over 1 lakh kilometers of travel every month, underscoring Delta’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Emphasizing ongoing technical training for Customers & field staff ensures exceptional service delivery and strengthens our commitment to customer satisfaction. By investing in people, embracing innovation, and prioritizing customer needs, Delta Electronics India reaffirms its leadership in power and thermal management solutions, committed to empowering its workforce, ensuring customer uptime, and fostering a sustainable future.

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