23, Aug 2023
Equator Pure Nature Signs Partnership with Leading Indonesian Distributor

Equator Pure Nature Signs Partnership with Leading Indonesian Distributor

Equator Pure Nature Co., Ltd., the “clean-tech” pioneer of the award-winning PiPPER STANDARD-branded line of natural laundry and home care products, announces its distribution partnership with Indonesia-based PT Visi Ragam Trigatra.

The agreement will see Southeast Asia’s largest market open to PiPPER STANDARD’s full range of natural, hypoallergenic, non-irritation certified products – including laundry detergent, fabric softener, dishwashing liquid, bathroom cleaner, hand soaps and many others – whose cleaning and softening solutions are derived through a unique patented pineapple fermentation process.

PT Visi Ragam Trigatra distributes products through a sales network in Indonesia that includes thousands of individual channels in both traditional “brick-and-mortar” stores and online shops. It launched PiPPER STANDARD products in online channels on Aug. 17.

“We believe there is a significant market for PiPPER STANDARD in Indonesia. We will start first with distribution into online channels and expand later into offline channels,” said Nelson Preecha Yuwono, General Manager of PT Visi Ragam Trigatra.

“Over time, we expect PiPPER STANDARD to become the market leader for natural products in Indonesia, similar to its market-leading position in Thailand,” Yuwono added.

Peter Wainman, chairman and CEO of Equator Pure Nature, said the partnership represents a significant opportunity for both companies in Indonesia.

“Pipper Standard is the market leader for natural products in Thailand in the laundry care and home care segments, and we are excited to expand further into ASEAN and particularly in Indonesia, a G-20 member with the 16th largest economy in the world,” Wainman said.

“We are excited to be partnering with PT Visi Ragam Trigatra, a subsidiary under the V.R. Group umbrella, in its leading position as a distributor in the family segment in Indonesia. Indonesia has a growing economy and population, currently with a population of about 280 million people, and number of births per year about seven times that of Thailand,” Wainman added.

PiPPER STANDARD products are made using a patented pineapple fermentation process that yields powerful, natural enzymes and biosurfactants. The company has patents issued in markets comprising 65% of the world’s GDP, including Indonesia, China, India, Thailand and other Asian markets, as well as the United States and Europe.

The company won the “IP Champion 2023” award for its outstanding intellectual property, recognizing the company’s invention patents in fermentation technology in August at the 2023 Intellectual Property Expo in Bangkok, Thailand.

PiPPER STANDARD’s natural, hypoallergenic, non-irritation certified cleaning products are a safe and effective alternative to traditional chemical cleaners. They have been extensively tested to show they clean as well as, or better than, chemical cleaners. The brand is a market leader in Southeast Asia and is sold in more than a dozen Asian markets.

Equator Pure Nature is focused on sustainability and the “triple bottom line,” meaning a focus on social and environmental responsibilities, in addition to financial success.

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