18, Oct 2023
Eurobond launches Zinc Panels, its latest product in partnership global architectural leader Rheinzink

Eurobond launches Zinc Panels, its latest product in partnership global architectural leader Rheinzink

October 18th, 2023, India: Eurobond, a vanguard in reshaping the Indian Façade Panel market today announced the launch of its latest cutting-edge product for Facades, Zinc! For the development of this game changing innovation for the industry, Eurobond has partnered with Rheinzink, a renowned global authority in championing sustainability and longevity within the architectural domain.

Gracing the occasion with their presence were, Mr. Vinayak Bhoir and Mr. Vishal Sutar from VRU Facade Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Rakesh Morudkar and Shrirang Prayagkar from from RSM Design Solutions, and Mr. Omkar Patil from Avanate Facade (Axis Facade).

Rajesh Shah, Chairman and Managing Director, Eurobond remarked saying, “From the time the company has started, it is our belief that we can bring the best of India to the world and also bring the best of the world to India through meaningful collaborations with best-in-class companies. To work towards accomplishing this vision, we are proud to announce our partnership with exclusive partnership with Rheinzink, a global market leader in zinc. Post sourcing the zinc from Rheinzink, Euronbond will manufacture zinc panels for the India market. Today, as India’s only listed ACP company on the NSE, our company is constantly focusing its efforts on building the best-in-class product portfolio for the benefit of our customers. I am confident that this collaboration with Rheinzink along with the investments being made into expanding our production capacity as well as importing of new machinery for our colour coating line will go a long way towards achieving our ambitious goals. One of these goals is of reaching a revenue target of INR 700Cr. in the next 3 years, and we’re taking all the necessary steps to realise these goals.”

Sven Agten, CEO, Asia-Pacific, Rheinzink said, “Rheinzink is very very happy and honoured to work together with a very good company like Eurobond. As companies we both strive for excellence and innovation and this makes Eurobond a perfect partner for Rheinzink. We are very excited about our partnership with Eurobond because India is a very exciting country with growth possibilities that fit very well with what we are trying to accomplish. The cooperation between Rheinzink and Eurobond has been very good right from the first day and I am confident that this partnership will grow and stay strong over the next 20-30 to even a 100 years. Rheinzink believes that India is a very good growth and positive market and we do know that long-term future growth will be heading towards the East and India will be a very central part of that. And we are very happy that we are playing a part in the growth and development story of India.”

Rheinzink has a remarkable legacy spanning over 175 years and are the world’s foremost and premier manufacturer of Architectural Zinc. Renowned for their relentless pursuit of excellence, Rheinzink has left an indelible mark on iconic projects across the globe. What truly makes this collaboration unique is the innovative approach encapsulated in the patented process and the 3P model of advanced sustainability.

Zinc, at its core, is a naturally sustainable material, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious projects. As organisations that champions sustainability and efficient manufacturing processes, the manufacture of Rheinzink’s Zinc Panels have been made with a patented Pre-Patina process along with using responsibly sourced raw materials from Scandinavia, which have resulted in an impressive 50% or 36,000 tons of reduction in CO2 emissions. A noticeable trend in the facade panel market is seeing the use of zinc gaining in popularity when it comes to building sustainable infrastructure and buildings.

However, the heart of this product is the proprietary natural pickling process which serves to not only enhances the quality of the Zinc but also underscores the commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. The unique blend of durability and aesthetic appeal makes using zinc an eco-conscious alluring choice. The growing demand for zinc cladding in emerging markets is driving up its market price, while trends like pre-weathered zinc and colored coatings go a long way in also enhancing its appeal.

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