11, Jul 2024
Financial Turmoil Hits Indian Stock Market: Iranian-Israeli Conflict and US Inflation Catalysts

11th July 2024  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India  In a tumultuous turn of events, the Indian stock market witnessed a staggering plummet of over 800 points in April, resulting in a loss of nearly 5 Lakh crores. Analysts are now warning of an impending financial tsunami as tensions escalate between Iran and Israel, coupled with the specter of soaring US inflation, threatening to destabilize not only the Indian market but also send shockwaves through US and European financial sectors.

Mr. Rajesh Shukla, Chief Strategist, National Intellectual Advisory (NIA)

Insights from Mr. Rajesh Shukla, Chief Strategist, National Intellectual Advisory (NIA), and Mentor for Venture Studio Capital, Jagoo Nari, and Padhega Bharat.

Key Contributors to the Market Plunge:

Iran-Israel Conflict: The escalating tensions and military actions in the Middle East have injected profound uncertainty into global geopolitical dynamics. The bombardment by Iran has further fueled apprehensions, prompting widespread selling in the Indian equity market as investors grapple with the specter of heightened instability.

Weak Global Markets: The ripple effects of the Middle East tensions reverberated across global markets, precipitating a downturn in US equities. Consequently, as the Indian market opened, it succumbed to the prevailing negative sentiment.

Surging US Dollar Rates: The relentless ascent of the US dollar, with the dollar index nearing 107 levels, has exacerbated concerns. Moreover, the US dollar’s unprecedented surge to a 34-year high against the Japanese Yen has catalyzed a surge in US Treasury yields, triggering a wave of selling across global equity markets, including India.

Escalating Crude Oil Prices: Crude oil prices have surged to a six-month high in both domestic and international markets, witnessing a 6 percent increase in March 2024 alone. This surge, compounded by a further 3 percent uptick in April, poses significant challenges to the Indian and global economies, exerting pressure on local currencies and fueling inflationary pressures.

Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) Exodus: Against the backdrop of geopolitical uncertainty and rising US dollar rates, FIIs have been divesting from the Indian stock market. This trend, which intensified last week, has been exacerbated by the onset of conflict, as investors opt to hold liquid assets amid heightened uncertainty.

Looking Ahead

While India confronts immediate challenges, there are silver linings amidst the storm. Despite market turbulence, the Indian outlook remains promising, offering robust opportunities for both domestic and global investors. Sectors such as Tourism, Airlines, Hospitals, and Road Infrastructure present compelling investment prospects, buoyed by India’s burgeoning economy, which has surpassed $3.60 trillion and continues to grow at a rate exceeding 8% annually. This stands in stark contrast to the slower growth trajectory of the Chinese economy, currently languishing at less than 2%.

In conclusion, while the current market volatility underscores the challenges ahead, it also underscores India’s resilience and potential for sustained growth. As investors navigate the choppy waters, strategic investments in key sectors hold the promise of lucrative returns amidst an evolving economic landscape.


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