6, Sep 2023
Finezza Joins Hands with EPL as one of the Merchandise Partners for its Third Season

Finezza Joins Hands with EPL as one of the Merchandise Partners for its Third Season

New Delhi, 6th September 2023 – Finezza, a leading name in Metal Fabrication, is excited to announce as one of the Merchandise sponsors for the highly anticipated third season of the Entrepreneurs Premier League (EPL). EPL, organized by Delhi NCR Entrepreneurs, brings together entrepreneurial prowess and sportsmanship in a unique and thrilling manner.

EPL Season 3 is all set to commence on August 27th, 2023, at the Vinay Marg Sports Complex, Chanakyapuri. The season promises an engaging fusion of business acumen and sports fervor, offering entrepreneurs a chance to shine both on and off the field. The grand finale is scheduled for October 8th.

Six teams, comprising a total of 90 entrepreneurs, will vie for supremacy in this season of EPL. The participating teams – Toreto Bang, Mavericks, UAPL XI, Modi Infosol XI, XSYS DKDC Stars, and KVE SuperGiants – are primed to deliver an exhilarating display of teamwork and innovation.

“At Finezza, we believe in pushing boundaries and delivering excellence. Partnering with the Entrepreneurs Premier League aligns perfectly with our values, as we witness entrepreneurs pushing their boundaries beyond the corporate realm,” said, Mr. Vasudev Gupta, Director at Finezza. “Sports have an incredible power to instill discipline, teamwork, and a winning mindset. We firmly believe that leagues like EPL contribute significantly to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by fostering qualities that are vital for success – determination, strategic thinking, and collaboration,”

As the league brings together entrepreneurial brilliance and sportsmanship, Finezza is excited to contribute to an event that celebrates innovation, dedication, and teamwork. The sponsorship reaffirms Finezza’s commitment to supporting initiatives that foster growth and innovation within the entrepreneurial community.

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