6, Feb 2023
Fisibility – Organizes All Business & Personal Finances in One App (Free for Everyone)

Dallas, TX, February 06, 2023 — The Fisibility Movement: Fisibility has embarked on the undertaking of assisting all people with achieving better insight into and better control over their finances & investments. Have fun using the app and be inspired to help and serve others.

Fisibility which stands for “Financial Visibility” is a multi-patent pending AI system designed for both Business Use & Personal Use in one single application.

Fisibility has identified the intersection between the need of affordable task automation technology that can deliver greater efficiencies with more velocity, and the desires of people wanting a better & more productive life while focusing on the vehicle that drives many of life’s activities – Money.

Fisibility Understands & Empathizes with Three Basic Life Facts:
1) People are “Extremely Busy.”
2) Managing Budgets, Expenses (receipts/payments), & General Finances is typical “Not Fun.”
3) Tasks associated with number 2 are typical “Very Time-Consuming.”

The Solution: Fisibility’s understanding & empathy resulted in the creation of the Fisibility Lite AI Financial Productivity App that is now being made available Free for everyone to easily incorporate into one’s Business & Personal life in order to be Better at Life.

Download the Free Fisibility Lite App for iOS & Android

Apple AppStore & Google Playstore – Search “Fisibility Lite”

Free Support: In addition to the App being free, the Fisibility Support team is available to assist you with free App setup upon request and has produced a series of “How To Use” tutorial videos on Youtube @FisibilityLite

Key Features & Benefits of the Fisibility Lite Digital Assistant:
-Daily Inspirations | Be Inspired & Inspire Others
-Financial Achievements | Have Fun, Get Rewarded, & Level Up
-Recurring Payment Manager | Never Pay a Late Fee Again
-Budget Alerts Manager | Eliminate Over-Spending
-General Budget Manager | Easy to setup, no more Spreadsheets
-Project Manager | Visibility into Project Costs, Income, & Profitability (vacations, renovations, etc.)
-Expense Receipt Manager | No more paper clutter (take a pic, AI reads it, post it)
-User Manager | Link staff to your Business account & family members to your Personal account
-Performance Manager | CIPBITS AI assists with analyzing Good, Bad, & General performance
-Dashboard Manager | Real-time view and comparisons of all financial activities

Everyone Can Benefit From Having More Fisibility In Their Life. Join the Fisibility Movement, Use the App, and Invite a Friend.

For more Fisibility Insights, check out: Fisibility.com/WhitePaper

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