6, May 2023
FLAME University’s HR symposium initiates a futuristic dialogue entailing the traits and characteristics required by Gen Z

India, Pune: Gen Z are ambitious and looking for a meaningful work experience in a flexible work environment that prioritizes growth and well-being. According to LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence report, around 80% of Gen Z workers globally are looking to find a job that aligns better with their values. To help Gen Z workers, the leaders of the future can raise retention rates by addressing mental health and job stress and providing meaningful career development opportunities by creating a supportive, value-led working environment to enable Gen Z to learn and grow. In retrospect, Gen Z should value the contributions of their peers and seniors and align their work goals with the organization’s work ethics and value systems.

As businesses experience a significant shift in the profile of their employees, with unique personality traits, values, and motivations, it has become necessary for organizations to re-evaluate their talent development and engagement processes to effectively utilize and retain these new-age workers. FLAME University’s HR symposium featured expert speakers in human resources who shared insights on competencies required for Gen Z employees to thrive and for organizations to adopt best practices for effectively working with them. Keynote speakers Ms. Priya Kandoth, Head of People and Culture at Bridgestone India, and Mr. Amit V. Chuttar, a partner at Red Beryl Advisors LLP, presented their industry perspectives and emphasized the importance of setting realistic expectations.

Ms. Kandoth stated, “The industry is not looking for individual expressions but values, collaboration, and cooperation. The new generations are far more into strategy meetings than required. My advice to them is to first understand the basics of the shop floor, dirty their hands, understand all possible aspects of the business, and then acquire the knowledge and insights for strategy meetings. Strategy and vision are more than mere PowerPoint presentations. They are about competing effectively and planning for the future. It requires that Gen Z first find its feet and engage as a foot soldier to meaningfully contribute towards the larger goal of the organization.”

Mr. Chuttar shared his thoughts on Gen Z and emphasized the importance of focusing on their duties as much as their rights in every context of their lives. He added, “India is going to script its own success story over the next 25 years, with Gen Z at the forefront. I urge Gen Z to align themselves with the organization’s vision, collaborate with peers, seniors, and leaders, and develop a mindset of learning. This is possible if Gen Z understands the legacy and history of the organization, which is crucial for defining the future path in an evolving business environment. Organizations and employees can thrive by creating a conducive work environment built on trust and in-depth understanding of the organization’s vision and goals vis-à-vis its legacy, values, and how it operates with various products and services.”

FLAME University’s interactive HR symposium is an example of the university’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education that prepares its students for successful careers by exposing them to the latest trends and best practices in the field. The university is ensuring that its students are well-equipped to succeed in the competitive world of business management and HR.

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