15, Jun 2023
Former GreeniesⓇ Founder Reenters The $110 Billion Treat Market With All New Complementary, One-A-Day Wellness Product

Yummy Combs Offers Dogs a Tasty Treat That Addresses Nutrition, Dental and Choking Hazards Via Unique Design

Dr. Joe Roetheli and his wife Judy turned entrepreneurs in 1996 when they began a pet product company with the dental treat known by many dogs and cats as “Greenies®”. The serial ‘couplepreneur’ dream team started the company with a blank sheet of paper, no business experience and no appreciable capital–relying on their love of dogs and an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed.

After growing the company to the eighth largest pet food/treat company in the world and receiving over 4 dozen awards, the company was sold to Mars, Inc. in 2006.  Joe and Judy remain entrepreneurs today with their more recent launch of http://petsbestlife.com. Its newly formulated product is a full-body pet treat that addresses dental health, superior nutrition, and great taste, while actively battling choking hazards through special product innovations.

The Yummy Combs hexagonal design containing a bee’s nest, offers 60 total benefits based on three full body needs in a single, one-a-day treat. This idea of Complimentary Wellness includes: 

–Dental: The honeycomb design gives dogs a 360ᵒ doggie powered flossing device with up to 256 scrubbing surfaces. 80% of dogs over the age of 3 have some form of gum disease as a result of tartar accumulation on teeth and Yummy Combs deter tartar as validated by the coveted Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) Seal of Acceptance for Tartar Control. 

–Nutrition: YummyCombs provide superior nutrition with all 22 required amino acids and all vitamins and minerals required for a dog to survive, plus 12 special ingredients to enhance wellness. 60% of dogs over the age of 2 are overweight from too much starch and too little exercise. Treats typically have about 40% starch and less than 14% protein, but Yummy Combs flips that on its head by delivering the reverse with 47% protein and less than 7% starch. 

–Safety: The unique shape also offered safety from an issue plaguing dogs for a century–choking, affecting 200,000 dogs a year. Yummy Combs delivers 4 innovative concepts to deter gulping, choking, and blockages.

“Brushing/Flossing a dog’s teeth is typically not an easy task especially on an every-day basis,” notes Roetheli. “After selling Greenies® in 2006, we jumped back into the dog treat business to deliver innovation on key issues that impact dogs’ lives and to provide better health, happiness, extended life, and more enjoyment for dog and owner. Surprisingly, it revolves around a revolutionary new shape.”

Yummy Combs are for dogs 6 months and up and are available in five sizes for small to extra large breeds. Not only is the product designed to prevent choking, Yummy Combs complete and balanced formula promotes dogs oral care, heart health, joint care, digestive care and a healthy skin and coat. The formula contains 44% superior quality animal protein with 45 ingredients that are all natural, grain free, NON-GMO and Gluten Free, and also contain 12 wellness ingredients. 

For more information on Pets Best Life or to find out where you can purchase this life-changing wellness product for your pooch, visit http://petsbestlife.com

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