8, Jul 2024
GivEnergy Launches in Australia

Melbourne, Australia, July 08, 2024 — GivEnergy has been the top selling brand of residential batteries in the UK for the past 5 years. According to GivEnergy Australia’s managing director Martin Cobb, “The brand’s success is down to a clear strategy: We offer proven and premium products, but at the most affordable prices, which makes the decision for buyers a simple value choice.”

More recently, GivEnergy’s operations have expanded into European, Asian and African markets as well as in Australia. Managing director Martin Cobb adds, “It was a very logical and timely decision to launch into the Australian market this year. Australians are ready for our products as they are informed customers. The evaluation of our batteries assessing a product based on value proposition, we back our brand, its features and the long-term value we deliver.”

In the UK alone, GivEnergy has consistently installed thousands of systems each week for years. Management believe that this ongoing year-over-year success can be attributed to the quality of product and local support. The Australian operation is following suit by offering the same proven and high-quality product at the most affordable price – all with 100% local Australian support.

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