24, May 2023
Harish Jagtani’s HJ Foundation undertakes vital disaster relief for the flood-affected in South Kivu

Harish Jagtani’s HJ Foundation undertake

Mumbai,24th May 2023: The Harish Jagtani Foundation (HJ Foundation) has responded swiftly to the recent devastation caused by floods and landslides in South Kivu province of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where over 400 individuals died or were injured and missing in the villages of Bushushu and Nyamukubi in the hills overlooking Lake Kivu. The HJ Foundation team of 20 dedicated volunteer doctors, nurses and support staff arrived at the site to provide immediate aid to the disaster-struck populace.

The HJ Foundation provided 80 tons of essential supplies—including food, drinking water and medicines, besides kits containing the basic necessities of life. In addition to this, mobile clinics were set-up providing medical care and assistance to over 250 individuals on a daily basis, with the dedicated medical team attending to their needs. The clinics are operational daily.

The primary objective of this herculean effort was to provide immediate and life-sustaining support to the affected people and help them overcome the trauma they were experiencing. By providing essential relief and support to the affected communities in the South Kivu floods, the HJ Foundation aims to make a meaningful difference and help rebuild lives affected by this tragic disaster.

While the Congolese government, on its part, has promised relocation of the victims, the HJ Foundation’s contribution provides the vital immediate support for the sustenance of life. The foundation’s team will also work to help people come out of the shock and assist in their recovery process in every way.

The HJ Foundation focuses on providing humanitarian aid in the Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly to vulnerable individuals. Through its extensive hospital facilities, the HJ Foundation provides free prostheses and offers access to its dialysis and ophthalmology centre, prioritizing the health and well-being of those in need.

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