20, May 2023
Hoopr Adds 1 Lakh Users Since Launch, Redefines Copyright Safe Music Sourcing

Hoopr Adds

20th May 2023 Mumbai: Hoopr.ai, a leading music tech company, announced that it has reached a major milestone with the addition of 1 Lakh users since its official launch in July 2022. These users include content creators, filmmakers, enterprises, agencies, broadcasters, and brands from all over the 28 states and 8 union territories of India. The platform, which was designed to address the challenges faced by India’s 80mn+ content creators in sourcing copyright-safe music for their videos, has quickly become a go-to resource for creators across the country.

“We are thrilled to have hit this milestone so quickly,” said Gaurav Dagaonkar, Co-founder & CEO of Hoopr.ai. “It’s a testament to the demand for our platform and the effectiveness of our approach to providing copyright safe music for content creators. We’re proud to be helping creators to focus on what they do best – creating amazing content – without having to worry about copyright issues.”

Hoopr’s co-founder and CMO, Meghna Mittal added, “When we started building Hoopr, we envisioned it as a platform that will become a big part of any creator’s journey. We are excited and proud of the fact that more than a lakh creators including celebrities such as Ranveer Brar and Ashish Vidyarthi have chosen to use our product. Going forward, we see millions of creators using Hoopr as they syndicate and monetise their videos across platforms. At the same time, the music on Hoopr is of tremendous value to broadcasters, OTT platforms and UGC content platforms.”

Hoopr’s platform provides creators with access to a vast library of copyright safe music tracks that can be used in their videos without fear of infringing on copyright laws. The platform has built a library comprising of thousands of tracks made by established as well up and coming musicians from across India. The music includes songs in various vernacular Indian languages apart from English as well as sound effects actually recorded in places such as the banks of the Ganges, local markets in India, wildlife across India, etc.

“We have built an exclusive library powered by the largest network of independent artists and music producers across the country” added Dagaonkar. “For video creators, business and platforms, accessing high-quality, copyright safe Indian music is now easy and affordable without burning a hole in their pockets or worrying about lawsuits. We’re excited to continue growing our user base and contributing to India’s burgeoning video economy.”

Some well-known creators using Hoopr include Ranveer Brar, Ashish Vidyarthi, Taniya Khanijow, and others along with brands such as Bharat24, New Jagran Media, etc.

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