7, May 2024
Hydraulic Patch Fittings by Hafele

Hydraulic Patch Fittings by Hafele

The sheer transparency and elegance of glass radiates a luxurious aura. Similarly, a seamless plank of wood exudes classiness and style. Hardware that does not hamper this innate sophistication, provides effortless and fluid movement, bequeaths flawless aesthetics, and delivers maintenance free operations is therefore gaining importance.

Hafele brings to you its new and improved range of Hydraulic Patch Fittings which supports the trend of minimal, understated aesthetics as well as providing the right functionality. These patch fittings enable the conception of frameless assemblies that exude a clean, and visually appealing look while being functionally flexible.

This range for frameless glass, wooden and wooden framed doors comes with a high load bearing capacity of 100kg., requires no floor excavation for installation and is engineered for stability and durability.

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