22, Feb 2023
Hyper Connect Asia launches Magina – A D2C Jewelry brand celebrating the rich culture of Maharashtra.

Mumbai, February 22, 2023: Hyper Connect Asia, the multi-disciplinary agency headquartered in Mumbai is the strategy and design partner for the unique D2C jewelry brand that is focused on celebrating the rich heritage and culture of Maharashtra through contemporary jewelry designs. The brand launch brings together some of the biggest names from the Marathi film fraternity like Tejashri Pradhan, Sayali Sanjeev, Spruha Joshi & Shivani Kulkarni enamoring this new-age jewelry brand.

The brand name Magina is inspired by ‘Maharashtra cha Dagina’ or ‘Jewel of Maharashtra’, is a unique effort to celebrate the rich culture, heritage, and stories of Maharashtra through their unique modern-day heirloom pieces. The D2C start-up is the brainchild of Yogeshwar Dande, a 4th generation jewelry entrepreneur from the 100-year-old legacy jeweler brand Govind Dande and Sons Pvt Ltd based out of Nasik. With Magina, Yogeshwar’s vision is to create a global light jewelry brand that takes inspiration from the cultural heritage of Maharashtra and creates unique and contemporary designs for modern women.

Commenting on the launch and the partnership, Yogeshwar Dande, Founder, Magina said, “I was toying with the concept of an independent jewelry venture for the last couple of years. The D2C Jewelry space is booming with multiple traditional and new-age brands harping on the demand and optimizing the potential of this space. But with so many D2C jewelry players around, we needed to break the clutter and find a unique brand voice. Hyper Connect changed my perspective in our very first meeting and we were absolutely excited and driven by the idea of creating a brand, which celebrated the rich stories of Maharashtra in a contemporary way. Magina is an endeavor via which young and independent women living in Maharashtra or anywhere globally can find a connection with this heritage and traditionally rich state through a unique piece of jewelry. Each of our designs is unique, modern and affordable and is designed keeping this brand philosophy in mind.

Hyper Connect Asia has been the one-stop partner for all branding & consulting needs of the unique light jewelry brand. Under this brand consulting mandate, Hyper Connect Asia has created the branding from scratch including – brand name, identity design, visual design, tone of voice, product photography, product video content, along with designing & developing UI & UX for Magina’s e-com platform. The clutter-breaking launch idea will help us launch the brand and Hyper Connect Asia will continue to partner with us as our marketing partner to build influence over their search & social, to drive conversions.

Kiran Khadke, Creative Lead, Hyper Connect Asia

Kiran Khadke, Co-founder & Creative Lead, Hyper Connect Asia shared, “This was one of the most exciting & fulfilling projects as it challenged us to create a brand from scratch. Right from crafting a brand name that is meaningful, to creating the brand identity design, brand tonality, visual story guides and extending it to UI & UX of the e-commerce website and driving product photography. We have been successful in designing a unique brand roadmap for Magina that reflects the brand philosophy and weaved it together with a digital 1st launch strategy. We are very confident that this cohesive brand strategy will enable Magina to get noticed and drive their relevant reach and subsequently lead to high conversions.”

Ankur Pujari, Business and Growth lead, Hyper Connect Asia

Ankur Pujari Co-Founder & Business Lead Hyper Connect Asia commented, “We are constantly looking for opportunities where we can create disruptive brands that are reimaging the categories and are deep-rooted in consumer needs. We are exhilarated to have been partnered with Magina right from its inception to creating a brand that strongly stands on the values of tradition and heritage but is evolved and forward in its philosophy and creativity.”

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