2, Mar 2023
IIITH AI search startup, subtl.ai raises angel funding

Hyderabad, 2nd March 2023: Subtl.ai closes angel investment from new age investors in the Indian ecosystem, Mohit Gulati (ITI Growth opportunities fund) and Vamshi Raju (Edha Investments, Shreyas Media). Their product can understand knowledge sources at scale, to instantly answer any questions asked from documents, websites, videos and knowledge bases.

Subtl.ai is a product powered by cognitive search technology, built jointly with IIIT Hyderabad research. The product ensures that enterprises can instantly leverage all their business knowledge locked in various sources, by talking to an AI over a chat interface.

“Subtl.ai has been way ahead of its time, building out the base technology and staying prepared for its window of opportunity. With the advent of chatGPT, their window is here, time to go big or go home!”, said the lead investor in the round, Mohit Gulati (Founder – of ITI Growth Opportunities fund).

Some of the core use cases for the product include automating doubt resolution for e-learning, information support for project/product management, and AI assistants to help support teams resolve tickets 2x faster.

As of today, they are live for customers State Bank of India, Bharat Dynamics and Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers. For Marquee customer SBI, they are saving 90% of information overheads for 250,000 employees looking for information during core branch operations and customer relations.

Subtl.ai is now coming towards the end of its first sales funnel cohort, with evaluations underway with ed-techs, airports, legal research teams, banks and SaaS platform integrations. They expect to hit $5 million in ARR through 500,000 business users by the end of 2023, coming from initial market traction in the US and market expansion in India through early tech adopters.

“We started subtl.ai with the vision to enable enterprises to unlock information locked in large text resources and documents. Using ML based language and knowledge models, combined with generative AI. Interestingly, our AI tech can also help find information in videos”, says Vishnu Ramesh, Founder subtl.ai.

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