23, Feb 2023
International Women’s Day – March 8 KelpHR endorses 5-point framework to help corporates Embrace Equity at the workplace

Mumbai: February 23, 2023 – In a day and age when women are equaling or, in some cases, outnumbering their male colleagues at workplaces, KelpHR, a pioneering organization that builds best-in-class HR practices, is rolling out a 5-point framework enabling corporates to #EmbraceEquality at their places of work.   


“In the world and in our workplaces, there are always some groups and communities that are more vulnerable, more marginalized than others. Diverse workforces have different needs and unique challenges. There cannot be a one size fits all approach while managing everyone’s needs. Crucially, leaders must know that addressing these differences does not compromise the goals and ethos of the organization but makes it more robust on the whole. In the run-up to International Women’s Day, we endorse this framework so that organizations can seamlessly embrace equity to make our workplaces wholly productive and happy spaces to be in for everyone,” says Smita Shetty Kapoor, CEO, and Co-founder, of KelpHR.


KelpHR, which aims to build safe, happy, and inclusive workplaces endorses a 5-point framework to enable companies of all sizes in creating a diverse workforce, ensuring people of similar caliber obtain the same kinds of opportunities and helping them make a concerted effort to equitably distribute the perks and benefits offered by the organization.


Here’s how organizations can embrace equity:


Define equity and declare your vision for the organization:


Build and integrate equity understanding into the DNA of the organization so that every stakeholder feels a sense of ownership. You may be a small organization, a lean, mean company in a competitive sector, with limited resources but that should not make equity an afterthought for you. You can define equity in the choices you make about whom you hire, whom you work with, and the work that you choose to take up.


Break the biases:  


Biases are always difficult to address. As leaders, we must create the right ambiance for these conversations and be willing to receive feedback about our opinions and our behavior. Your employees must feel psychologically safe enough at the workplace to point out inequitable policies or processes. Sensitize your managers to look out for the well-being of their teams. 

Consistently assess the situation:


Regularly assess the situation, educate employees, measure progress, and hold managers accountable.

– Every employee has to be a custodian of the workplace culture, therefore training and sensitization is necessary.

– What gets measured gets managed. Surveys and audits at periodic intervals will give you a sense of whether you’re heading in the right direction with your policies. 

– People managers and line managers will be your best ambassadors if they are held accountable for hitting certain targets or are incentivized to go the extra step. 


Emerge during times of crisis:  


Difficult times show the true character of the organization. Look for difficult times or decisions made in your organization and weigh these against your vision of equity. Were your leaders able to make equitable decisions during the time of crisis? Were your employees able to toe the line when pushed into the corner? Did they stand up for minority rights? Did they make the right choice of equity?


Communicate & Celebrate: 


Encourage your employees to take pride in this mission of the organization by engaging and communicating with them regularly about various initiatives, events, and future plans. Celebrate the small wins, and recognize the actions of employees in tight spots where they acted equitably. Reinforce the understanding that doing the right thing for equity is as important as the other business concerns of the organization.

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