26, Oct 2023
Kalamari Expands Its Services to Include Influencer Marketing

Boston, October 26, 2023 – Kalamari, the international public relations agency with offices in Paris, Boston, and London, is enhancing its services by venturing into the realm of influencer marketing. The agency’s mission is to amplify the voices of change-makers, empowering them to make a significant impact.

With a decade of experience in the Public Relations sector, the agency is now organized into three distinct divisions: Public Relations, Content Creation, and the newly established Influencer Marketing division. This winning combination harnesses the credibility offered by traditional media while leveraging the power of social networks to address the visibility and ROI performance needs of its clients.

The influencer marketing support comprises two primary missions:

1. Identifying the most influential opinion leaders to amplify companies’ impact within their ecosystem.
2. Building the image of our “change-makers” through personal branding strategies, enabling them to become influencers within their communities.

“Every opinion leader we support is a pioneer, an innovator with a vision to share. Influence, in this context, is not just an amplifier but a catalyst that transforms an individual voice into a collective movement. Our role? To transform this influence into momentum, ensuring that each of our clients’ ambitions spreads, influences, and reshapes their market landscape,” explains Natacha Favry, CEO and founder of Kalamari.

Already Winning Over Clients!

In pursuit of this goal, Kalamari is now assisting Dr. Milou, the premier provider of in-home veterinary consultations and telemedicine for animals, in their influencer strategy. The ambition is to establish the Dr. Milou brand as a lasting and multichannel presence on social media.

In parallel, Atraltech, a specialist in professional connected anti-intrusion and fire detection solutions, 100% designed and manufactured in France, has also turned to Kalamari to meet their influencer marketing objectives. This strategy targets both the general public and industry professionals.

Recently, the French company Deschaumes enlisted Kalamari for their influencer marketing strategy to support the commercialization of Naofloor, the latest product by the company chosen by the government as part of the France 2030 plan. This groundbreaking flooring innovation aims to contribute to the decarbonization of the wood industry.

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