18, Oct 2023
Kalpvaig Launches Revolutionary ‘Elephant Alert’ App to Safeguard Villagers from Wild Elephant Encounters

New Delhi, 18 October 2023: In India, where the beauty of nature and the proximity to wildlife are integral to the country’s culture, the coexistence of human communities and wild animals has posed a significant challenge. Unfortunately, these interactions have led to countless unfortunate incidents, including loss of life and property. To address this pressing issue, Kalpvaig, a Delhi-based company, proudly announces the launch of the “Elephant Alert” app, designed to provide real-time data about the movement of elephants, ensuring the safety of people, travelers, and wildlife.

Mr. Akshay, the founder of Kalpvaig, initiated the development of the Elephant Alert app with a deep commitment to protecting lives and property in regions prone to elephant encounters. This revolutionary app offers invaluable features that enhance situational awareness, offering users the ability to predict and prepare for potential elephant encounters. Through advanced data analysis, the app not only informs users of elephant locations but also promotes awareness, enabling travelers to make informed choices regarding their safety.

“We are working towards making peaceful coexistence of human and wildlife animals possible with the help of AI and IOT,” added Akshay.

Recent statistics reveal the dire need for an app like Elephant Alert. Over the last seven years, approximately 4,000 individuals have tragically lost their lives due to elephant-related incidents, while attacks by other wild animals have also taken a considerable toll. Odisha has witnessed the highest number of casualties, with 719 people losing their lives to elephant attacks, followed by West Bengal (643), Jharkhand (640), Assam (561), Chhattisgarh (477), Tamil Nadu (371), and Karnataka (252). Additionally, forest fires, an escalating problem, are not only devastating in terms of property loss but also have a profound negative impact on wildlife.

The Kalpvaig app plays a pivotal role in mitigating these issues by tracking the movements of wild animals, aiding in their prevention. When forest fires occur, users receive timely notifications through calls and SMS, empowering them to take immediate safety precautions. Quick response teams can swiftly intervene to control the blaze, ensuring the safety of both the forest and its inhabitants, human and animal alike.

In a world where technology is a powerful ally, Kalpvaig’s Elephant Alert app is a game-changer, offering a lifeline to communities at risk and enabling them to coexist harmoniously with the incredible wildlife that is a part of India’s rich natural heritage. By providing real-time information and enhancing situational awareness, this app not only saves lives but also promotes the conservation of the nation’s diverse ecosystem.

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