20, Oct 2023
LP Logiscience Prepares for Exponential Growth in Nagpur Warehouse

LP Logiscience Prepares for Exponential Growth in Nagpur Warehouse

Nagpur, 20th October: LP Logiscience, the warehousing and contract logistics arm of the esteemed Liladhar Pasoogroup, is gearing up for exponential growth in its Nagpur warehouse, in the backdrop of supportive policy and infrastructure development. Currently, LP Logiscience has a multi-client warehouse in Nagpur, boasting a capacity of 1500 pallet positions and offers customized warehousing solutions focused on FMCG & FMCD sectors.

According to the recent Knight Frank report on Indian Warehousing, the Nagpur warehousing market has exhibited remarkable resilience throughout the pandemic and remains robust as of FY 2023. Annual leasing volume has surged by 26% year on year, totaling 0.06 million square meters. The Mihan cluster in Nagpur alone accounted for 63% of this leasing volume, with notable participation from prominent retail players like Reliance Retail and Tata Croma, constituting 48% of the transacted area. Additionally, 3PL companies, which are pivotal in this market, accounted for 37% of the leasing volume, while manufacturing companies such as Royal Enfield occupied the remaining share.

The above growth is driven primarily because of the strategic location and the planned transport infrastructure development in the region. Located almost exactly at the center of the country’s vast geography, Nagpur is equidistant from major consumption markets such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. The city has also evolved into a hub for industrial and Agro commodities production. Major national highways, including NH7 (connecting Varanasi to Kanyakumari) and NH6 (connecting Mumbai-Sambal-Kolkata), intersect the city.

Also underway are the multi-modal international cargo hub and airport, which is expected to play a pivotal role in handling heavy cargo traffic from Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Additionally, the imminent completion of the Samruddhi Mahamarg, or the Nagpur Mumbai Expressway, is anticipated to revolutionize the region’s economy and logistic significance. This expressway will drastically reduce travel time between Mumbai and Nagpur, enhancing the efficiency of cargo transportation.

In this dynamic environment, LP Logiscience has risen as a key player, poised for growth in the Nagpur region. LP Logiscience was established a decade ago as the warehousing and transportation business arm of the legendary Liladhar Pasoo group and today handles over 3 million sq. ft of storage space and a reach of 7000+ distribution pin codes PAN India. Since its inception, LP Logiscience has registered an impressive evolution, growing at the rate of 20% – 25% YoY. Now, it is ready for the next phase, with plans to set up state-of-the-art warehouses with aggressive tech adoption and greener operations to qualify for environmental certifications that will help the brand enhance its global reach.

Speaking about his plans for the Nagpur market, Mr. Varun Gada, Director of LP Logiscience, a Liladhar Pasoo Company, said, “We are extremely thrilled about the growth prospects of our Nagpur warehouse. Nagpur’s strategic location and the positive policy and infrastructure developments make it an ideal choice for expanding our operations. This expansion represents a significant step in our commitment to delivering top-notch warehousing solutions and logistics support to our clients, ensuring that they benefit from Nagpur’s strategic location and the city’s growth potential.”

With a strong business model supported by an IT backbone, LP Logiscience’s warehouse setup offers customisation and flexibility.The company also aims to introduce sustainable practices for energy and resource optimisation and also plans on building an EV fleet for distribution. As LP Logiscience continues to contribute to the thriving Indian warehousing sector, it remains dedicated to its vision of transforming the logistics industry, setting new benchmarks, and driving positive change in the world of warehousing and contract logistics.

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