12, Jul 2023
LUMOS ULTRA FLY & FLY PRO: Now Available For Reservation On Prelaunch.Com

July 12, 2023 – Lumos, an award-winning smart helmet company, is excited to announce the launch of the reservation campaign for Lumos Ultra Fly & Fly Pro, revolutionary helmets with attachable lights that prioritize your visibility, protection, and comfort on Prelaunch.com: an innovative and first-ever market validation platform that uses eCommerce logic to measure potential customers’ real buying intents.


After meticulous development and refinement, Lumos introduces the Ultra Fly and Fly Pro helmets. Designed for the pragmatic commuter and the performance-focused road cyclist respectively, these helmets offer an innovative approach to visibility and safety.

Lumos Ultra Fly & Ultra Fly Pro offer an ingenious solution to low-light visibility and safety concerns without compromising on weight or comfort. Compatible with the Lumos Firefly lights, these helmets bring illumination to the forefront of safety, wrapped in a sleek and lightweight design.


Modular Design with Attachable Firefly Lights

Lumos Ultra Fly & Ultra Fly Pro helmets feature Firefly lights that are easily attachable, ensuring maximum visibility and safety on the road. The magnetic connection allows for one-handed, quick attachment or detachment, perfect for sudden lighting changes during rides. 

Compatibility with Lumos Smart Safety System (LS3)

Lumos Ultra Fly & Ultra Fly Pro’s ability to attach a Lumos Firefly is compatible with the extended Lumos Smart Safety System (LS3). The LS3 allows riders to synchronize flashing patterns, turn signals, and brake lights between all Lumos Firefly lights, enhancing overall visibility and predictability.

Safety & Security

Lumos helmets have an integrated MIPS technology (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), a low-friction layer located between the EPS and inner helmet liner that reduces rotational impact forces. This allows you to ride with confidence and safeguard your head. The low-friction layer reduces rotational impact forces, protecting from serious injuries and brain damage in case of a crash. 


The Lumos Ultra Fly & Ultra Fly Pro are among the lightest helmets in their category. Weighing in at just 245g (8.6 oz) for the Ultra Fly and slightly more for the Ultra Fly Pro, these helmets ensure comfort and durability for extended wear. 

Class-Leading Ventilation

With strategic vent placement – 11 vents in the Ultra Fly and 14 in the Ultra Fly Pro – these helmets optimize airflow and reduce drag, keeping you cool and comfortable on every ride.

Secure Your Eyewear with OptiGrip

Integrated into both Ultra Fly and Ultra Fly Pro helmets, Lumos’s innovative OptiGrip system offers a practical solution for cyclists to safely secure their sunglasses. With strategically placed vents designed to accommodate a range of eyewear styles, OptiGrip uses specially engineered friction materials to provide a firm grip. Now, riders can enjoy their cycling adventures without the worry of losing or damaging their eyewear. 

Style & Convenience 

Lumos helmets are designed with user comfort and style in mind. Featuring the FlexiFit System, they ensure an optimal fit for all head shapes, sizes, and hairstyles. The helmets are available in a range of colors to suit individual preferences.

The Lumos Ultra Fly is available in five color options: Stealth Black, Phantom White, Maverick Grey, Hyper Green, and Atomic Salmon.

The Lumos Ultra Fly Pro offers even more choices with six dynamic colorways: Shadow Black, Spectre White, Razor Grey, White Lime, Thunder Blue, and Daredevil Red. These color options allow cyclists to make a bold statement while ensuring their visibility on the road. 

Lumos Ultra Fly

The ultimate commuter’s ally. This multi-purpose lightweight helmet is impressively budget-friendly without skimping on safety. Compatibility with a Lumos Firefly light ensures you stand out in low light conditions. A hassle-free adjustable fit system makes it a go-to choice for everyday riders who value safety and affordability. 

Lumos Ultra Fly Pro

A game-changer for the committed road cyclist. This high-ventilation with MIPS-integrated helmet is engineered with more advanced ventilation with more and larger vents. It is fitted with a magnetic Fidlock buckle for one-handed operation, offering a seamless blend of safety, comfort, and style. Adding on the magnetic Lumos Firefly light amplifies visibility, while the advanced design elevates your ride, pushing performance to new heights.

Available on Prelaunch.com

The all-new Lumos helmets are currently in their pre-launch phase on the first-of-its-kind market validation platform Prelaunch.com. Customers are invited to place a $3 reservation deposit now to get a 35% discount when launched:

  • Lumos Ultra Fly for $120 instead of $175
  • Lumos Ultra Fly Pro for $140 instead of $215

The launch of Lumos on Prelaunch.com has declared a unique partnership between the two Companies. Prelaunch.com – a leading platform for market validation, has already registered 1000+ creators that use its proprietary technology to validate their ideas. Its extensive set of tools includes all the essential features a company requires to determine the potential success of a product.

The platform will thoroughly analyze and illustrate the data received whenever a user visits the page. Prelaunch.com’s current technology is powerful enough to register 35+ data points for every single visit. The data collected will help establish a deeper connection with the customers and advance the product to better serve their needs.

Contact details 

Contact Name: Derek McLean

Contact Email: derek@lumos.prelaunch.com

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