25, Feb 2023
Mamaearth’s Ubtan Gives You Shaadi Wala Glow Everyday Through Its Latest Tv Campaign With Shilpa Shetty Kundra


February 25, 2023, | Gurugram- Mamaearth, the fastest-growing FMCG brand from the House of Honasa Consumer, launched its latest campaign, #Shaadiwaalagloweveryday, with celebrated actor and Brand Ambassador Shilpa Shetty Kundra. The TV Commercial highlights the goodness of natural ingredients in the Ubtan Face Wash that gives #ShaadiWalaGlowEveryday, naturally.

Everyone desires glowing skin every day and mostly relates to the glow they or their friends had during their wedding Haldi ceremony. Mamaearth Ubtan Facewash has been crafted with the goodness of natural ingredients like turmeric and saffron which are key ingredients in the haldi ceremony ubtan as well. Hence, using Ubtan Face Wash can give you the Haldi ceremony glow, without hosting an elaborate haldi ceremony.

Conceptualized by Korra Worldwide, the new TVC showcases the unique proposition of Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Wash, which gives a glow similar to the one from the Haldi ceremony during weddings. The film captures a delightful banter at a Haldi ceremony, where the bride’s radiant glow after wiping away the

haldi catches everyone’s attention. Even the younger sister of the bride is amazed by the bride’s glowing skin and is staring at her in awe. Shilpa notices this and playfully nudges the sister, asking if she also feels like getting married after seeing the bride’s glow. The sister responds by complimenting Shilpa’s flawless skin and expresses her desire to have the same glow every day without getting married. Shilpa then reveals her secret to glowing skin – Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Wash. The film effectively communicates the unique benefits of the product, making it a must-try for those seeking flawless and radiant skin.

The 35-sec film closes with the ingredient benefits of Mamaearth Ubtan facewash in a no-toxin proposition giving the perfect #ShaadiWalaGlowEveryday.

Commenting on the campaign, Ghazal Alagh, Co-Founder and CIO at MamaEarth said “Ubtan has been treasured for generations as the secret to glowing and radiant skin. Typically used in Indian ceremonies, such as the haldi ceremony during weddings, Ubtan has been known to detain and lend a radiant glow. For our customers to experience the Ubtan glow every day, we’ve taken the best of traditional Ubtan ingredients and crafted them into a hassle-free formula in a facewash so that the benefits of Ubtan can be achieved every day. Our new TV commercial establishes the Ubtan range as synonymous with achieving the ShaadiWalaGlowEveryDay, naturally with Mamaearth Ubtan Facewash. I hope this resonates with our consumers and they choose the goodness of natural ingredients with us.”

Gaurav Nabh, Founder & Director, of Korra, said “Indian wedding preparations are incomplete without the grand Ubtan ceremony, thanks to the radiant glow it brings to the bride and groom’s skin. Our latest work on Mamaearth’s Ubtan Facewash is built on the same insight and answers one simple question – How do you get this shaadi waala glow every day? The campaign features Shilpa Shetty, who’s known for her timeless beauty and glow. We are proud of this work by Korra and are looking forward to continuing the great work together and helping Mamaearth build a deeper connection with the consumers.”

Mamaearth is a brand built on the principles of Honesty, Natural, and Safety, and believes that goodness starts with the small things that each of us can do daily! The brand continues to live up to its promise of using the best of nature, with no toxins and no harmful chemicals, while being cruelty-free and plastic positive.

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