5, Sep 2023
Mappls KOGO raises INR 9 Crores in latest round of funding from MapMyIndia, India’s largest digital maps company

Mappls KOGO raises INR 9 Crores in latest round of funding from MapMyIndia, India’s largest digital maps company

India, 5th September, 2023: Mappls KOGO, India’s only AI travel expert app, received a second round funding boost of INR 9 Crores infused by MapMyIndia (CE Infosystems Ltd.), a world leading provider of digital maps, geospatial software & location-based IoT technologies. Having previously raised INR 10 Crores from MapMyIndia, this investment reaffirms their trust and commitment to the potential of Mappls KOGO.

Mappls KOGO, an AI travel expert, was founded by Raj K. Gopalakrishnan and Praveer Kochhar, to help people plan their travel in minutes with expert recommendations generated by AI, and save money in the process. Mappls KOGO aims to revolutionize travel and hyper local experiences with the use of its proprietary AI technology, geospatial intelligence and real-time travel data. MapMyIndia’s pioneering expertise in maps will further amplify and enhance KOGO’s AI travel offering.

Raj K Gopalakrishnan, CEO and Co-founder of Mappls KOGO, remarks, “We thank MapMyIndia for their continued support. Their industry leadership will continue to strengthen the real-time locational intelligence of our data. This funding reaffirms MapmyIndia’s trust in our AI stack’s potential to disrupt the travel sector.”

By offering personalized and relevant travel recommendations that are bookable, Mappls Kogo’s AI stack is delivering a superlative experience that is one step ahead of generative AI. This revolutionary AI stack is backed up by a massive global travel ecosystem, encompassing flights, 1 million+ hotels, 300,000+ experiences, 20,000+ detailed itineraries and millions of kilometers of routes.

Praveer Kochhar, Co-founder and CTO of Mappls KOGO, said, “We have achieved a milestone that the travel tech industry has been aspiring for – the confluence of Geo-Intelligence, real-time data, Generative AI and a global travel ecosystem, that delivers personalized bookable recommendations. Mappls KOGO is designed to deliver on the promise of saving time and money while enhancing the pre, during, and post-travel experience.”

The app seamlessly auto-plans trips from any city in minutes through its AI itinerary maker, unearths hidden gems through thousands of meticulously curated AI Go-lists, and offers personalized assistance through its AI-powered chatbot named KOGONAUT.

Raj K Gopalakrishnan further adds, “The Crown jewel of the stack is the Kogonaut, our real-time data-aware personalized AI travel expert. Ask the Kogonaut any travel question, be it ideas for stepping out, cultural context, party places, or even where to feed pigeons; it really is the ultimate travel expert and assistant.”

KOGO’s commitment to revolutionize travel isn’t limited to the user’s experience alone. With the introduction of KOGO X membership, users gain access to its extensive travel ecosystem at the lowest member only prices. Praveer Kochhar, affirms, “As part of our brand promise to save time and save money for our users, I can unequivocally state that KOGO X Users get exclusive members only lowest possible prices in the industry on hotels, itineraries and activities.”

Having channelised the earlier funding rounds to construct a world-class AI technology stack, Mappls KOGO through its licensed B2B2C collaborations with renowned brands such as KTM, TVS, Jawa, and other OEMs has already garnered a user base of over 2 million+. The newly acquired funds will propel Kogo’s AI capabilities and data refinement to new horizons, enabling the app to scale its B2C business to solidify its promise as the ultimate AI travel expert.

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