2, Mar 2023
Nexgen Energia and Assam Gas Limited to Collaborate on Strengthening Renewable Energy in India

Guwahati,2nd March 2023 Nexgen Energy Ltd., a prominent green fuel energy company that specializes in installing biogas plants, and Assam Gas Limited, a key player in the Indian energy sector, have announced a collaborative effort to fortify renewable energy sources in India. The partnership was established following an extensive meeting between Dr. Piyush Dwivedi, Chairman of Nexgen Energy, and Gokul Chandra Swargiyari, Managing Director of Assam Gas Limited, where they discussed various measures to boost renewable energy in India, with Nexgen Energy expected to play a pivotal role.

Nexgen Energy has been rapidly working in the field of energy and the environment in recent months, attracting media attention with their investments in Uttar Pradesh, which are expected to expedite biogas production in India. Their expertise in installing biogas plants is considered essential in bolstering renewable energy in the country. During the meeting, Dr. Dwivedi and MD Swargiyari also talked about purchasing LPG and CNG gas with LN G and CN G gas, and announced an agreement to work on alternative energy.

MD Swargiyari is a well-known investor in the energy sector, utilizing cutting-edge technology to develop innovative solutions. The collaboration between Assam Gas Limited and Nexgen Energy is expected to have a significant impact on the energy sector in India.

“This collaboration between Nexgen Energy and Assam Gas Limited is a significant step towards enhancing renewable energy in India and making the country more self-sufficient in the future,” said Dr. Dwivedi. “We are thrilled to work with MD Swargiyari and his team at Assam Gas Limited and are looking forward to a fruitful partnership.”

The partnership between these two energy leaders in India is a positive development for the country’s energy sector. With both companies bringing their expertise and innovative solutions to the table, this collaboration is expected to drive significant progress towards strengthening renewable energy sources in India.

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