7, Feb 2023
Nova USA Wood Products Named Exclusive U.S. Provider of Rhino Wood

Portland, OR, February 7, 2023 –— Nova USA Wood Products, Inc., a leading supplier of high-quality wood products and accessories, has been named the exclusive provider of Rhino Wood in North America. Rhino Wood is a modified timber produced through a patented two-stage process that uses thermal modification and pressure to impregnate the original wood right to the core with a proprietary compound. This patented process results in the perfect sustainable alternative to hardwoods like Ipe. Rhino Wood achieves the same high-density, low-maintenance, and Class 1 durability characteristics as Ipe hardwood while aging beautifully into a silver-grey color over time.

“Rhino Wood is the ideal complement to our premium line of exotic hardwood decking and siding products,” said Steve Getsiv, the company’s CEO. “Many of the hardwoods that were previously used throughout the marketplace are now either scarce or prohibitively expensive. Rhino Wood is the latest example of our efforts to meet customer needs with high-quality woods that will stand the test of time with beauty and great structural integrity.”

“Nova USA Wood Products offered everything we wanted in a U.S. partner,” added Steven Suntup, Rhino Wood’s U.S. representative. “They have an extensive distribution network that extends from the U.S. into Mexico and Canada. Plus, they know the true value of innovation and the need to continually meet client needs with premium products that look great and perform exceptionally well no matter the climate. This includes providing a large variety of cost-effective alternatives to the hardwoods that are increasingly becoming cost-prohibitive and less available.”

Rhino Wood’s patented thermal heat and pressure impregnation process was specifically developed to double the hardness and density of sustainably-sourced South African Pine species. Durable and stable, Rhino Wood is the ideal choice for outdoor applications with products including decking, fencing, and siding, as well as posts, laminated beams, and custom patterns such as beaded ceilings and T&G porch flooring. Rhino Wood will be offered in patterns that fit perfectly with Nova’s patented line of hidden decking clips and rain screen siding clips.

In addition to being biodegradable and containing zero toxins and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Rhino Wood can also be disposed of like any other untreated wood. Other advantages include the ability to resist dents, scratches, surface damage, moisture, swelling, shrinkage, insects, UV degradation, rot, and decay.

Rhino Wood will be available from Nova USA Wood Products in early 2023. For more information, please visit www.novausawood.com or call 503-419-6407.

About Nova USA Wood Products
Launched in 2005, Nova is dedicated to the supply of superior, high-quality wood products and accessories available at the most competitive prices in today’s marketplace. This includes the company’s Real Wood Solutions like its proprietary line of ExoShield Wood Stains, ExoDek® QuickClip® hidden fasteners, ExoClad® QuickClip™ Rainscreen Siding Clips, and premium tropical hardwood decking and siding products.
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