6, Oct 2023
Portronics Launches My Buddy Spinlight A Highly Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Portronics Launches My Buddy Spinlight A Highly Ergonomic Laptop Stand

New Delhi, October 6, 2023: Treat yourself to a brand-new, cutting-edge laptop stand that features a sturdy aluminum frame with 360-degree rotation and an integrated RGB cooling fan. Portronics, a major player in India’s digital and portable consumer electronics market, introduces My Buddy Spinlight, a fantastic portable laptop accessory that will ergonomically improve your body posture by allowing you to use it in different heights and angles while keeping your laptop cool. Enjoy extra hours of intense gaming sessions and tournaments with this superb laptop stand that provides rapid cooling and fast heat dissipation, preventing it from overheating.

What makes My Buddy Spinlight stand out of its category is its fantastic features, superior design, and strong construction. You can ergonomically adjust the height and viewing angles based on your comfortable posture — thanks to the frame’s twin high-quality, long-lasting aluminum alloy arms that move up to 180 degrees. My Buddy Spinlight is foldable and has a sturdy design making it easy to take with you anywhere to work, office, or even on the move. It can easily support up to 8Kg in weight and is extremely compatible with laptops (and tablets) up to 17″.

The Z-shape design of My Buddy Spinlight is perfect for height customization and silicone pads to prevent your laptop (or tablet) from slipping. The laptop stand also features a powerful 1200 RPM cooling fan with RGB Lights and 10 programmable modes that will make your workstation simply stand out, drawing attention from everyone, whether they are friends, co-workers, or clients. Moreover, thanks to its 360° rotating base, your laptop can easily rotate around to face any direction so you may work on it or present your work as needed.

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