7, Feb 2023
Principled Technologies Compares the Decision Support System Performance of a Dell APEX Solution and an Amazon EC2 Public Cloud Solution

Durham, NC, February 07, 2023 — Enterprise decision-making increasingly draws on big data. The decision support systems (DSS) organizations use for their big data initiatives analyze large volumes of information to generate actionable insights. The more current these insights are, the greater their business value. This makes performance a vital criterion for those deciding where to run their DSS workloads.

Principled Technologies (PT) tested a decision support big data workload in two environments with comparable specifications: a Dell APEX Private Cloud solution with Dell APEX Data Storage Services Block and an Amazon EC2 public cloud solution using c6i.16xlarge instances with Amazon Elastic Block Store storage. They found that the Dell APEX solution outperformed the Amazon EC2 solution, taking less time to complete queries and achieving greater throughput rates. The test report states, “The Dell APEX solution completed a set of decision support queries in 13.6 percent less time than the Amazon EC2 solution. It also delivered 24.8 percent greater read throughput and 19.2 percent greater write throughput. These performance advantages could put actionable insights into the hands of decision-makers sooner.”

To learn more, read the report at https://facts.pt/XJvpK9D or view the infographic at https://facts.pt/Mx5PIOq.

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