9, Jul 2024
Ram Nath Kovind, Former President of India, Visits Manav Rachna Campus; Graces Justice RC Lahoti Memorial Lecture as the Chief Guest

9th July 2024  Faridabad, Haryana, India  In a world where the pursuit of justice is paramount, there are those whose legacies resonate far beyond their lifetime, shaping the very fabric of legal education and practice. Amidst the bustling corridors and echoing whispers of legal discourse, the School of Law, Manav Rachna University honored the memory of a titan in the field of law, i.e. Justice RC Lahoti, the 35th Chief Justice of India.

Manav Rachna University hosted the inaugural lecture of the prestigious Justice RC Lahoti Memorial Lecture Series, a tribute to the illustrious heritage of the esteemed Justice RC Lahoti. This series serves as a beacon illuminating the trajectory of both aspiring and established legal professionals. Through the prism of this lecture series, Manav Rachna endeavors to shed light on the manifold achievements, landmark judgments, and enduring legacy of Justice R.C. Lahoti, a luminary in the annals of jurisprudence.

The occasion was graced by the revered presence of former President Shri Ram Nath Kovind as the Chief Guest, and Justice UU Lalit as the Guest of Honour, adding immeasurable significance to this occasion. Their presence underscored the importance of advancing legal education and promoting academic excellence.

In his Presidential Address, the venerable Sh. Ram Nath Kovind, Former President of India, recalled fond encounters with Justice Lahoti, highlighting his noble soul and profound impact. Talking about Justice RC Lahoti, he said “Seldom do we come across persons, such as Justice Lahoti, who is known for his commitment towards judicial independence, integrity, deep humility in expressing his views and in upholding the rule of law. He showed a deep sense of tolerance and dignity that all of us could practice in our daily lives.” The 14th President of India lauded MRU’s School of Law for honoring such a luminary and urged the students to be life-long learners. As an advocate of giving back to society, he impelled present and future lawyers to provide pro-bono legal services and experience the personal satisfaction that comes with it.

President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions & Chancellor Manav Rachna University, Dr. Prashant Bhalla shared his sentiments while addressing the august gathering. “It is a historical moment for the School of Law at Manav Rachna University – inauguration of a lecture series that commemorates one of the most celebrated legal luminaries of the country. The series will prove to be a fantastic opportunity for learning and I urge all the law students to absorb as much as they can from this platform to use it for the greater good.”

Justice UU Lalit presented reflections on the Judicial discourse of Hon’ble Justice RC Lahoti and said, “There’s no denying that Justice Lahoti was an institution unto himself. His courtroom interactions were not just about imparting justice but also about establishing precedents which will be applicable and acceptable to the entire community for years to come.” Justice Lalit’s lecture on Justice Lahoti’s journey, elucidating selected judgments that transcended into law, underscored the acuity of his judicial legacy.

Prof. (Dr.) Deependra Kumar Jha, Vice Chancellor, Manav Rachna University emphasized how Justice RC Lahoti continues to inspire the students with his ethics and values. “He founded the Law Advisory Board for the School of Law at Manav Rachna University, inaugurated the Ratan Lal Lahoti Library of Law, and instituted the Ratan Lal Lahoti Gold Medal, all of which serve as a source of academic motivation and a matter of pride for the students of law at the University.”

Dr. Archana Mantri, daughter of Hon’ble (late) Justice RC Lahoti offered heartfelt reflections on the profound legacy associated with her esteemed father. “Justice Lahoti had a thirst for learning about different subjects, especially technology which he believed would be a game changer for the field of law. Every single day he approached his work with a divine purpose and lived a life of integrity, empathy and lifelong dedication to truth and discipline,” she said.

This intellectual odyssey not only celebrates the towering legacy of Justice R.C. Lahoti but also serves as a testimonial to the profound ethos espoused by the Hon’ble Shri R.C. Lahoti himself – a fervent champion of equity and probity. His steadfast commitment to upholding the foundational tenets of our society and safeguarding judicial autonomy stands as an abiding source of inspiration, transcending temporal bounds.

The presence of the Lahoti family added a layer of significance upon the audience, predominantly composed of dignitaries from the legal sphere, members of the bar and bench, legal practitioners, advocates, and law students.

The School of Law at Manav Rachna University stands as a beacon of pride, with Justice RC Lahoti as the Founding Chairperson of its Advisory Board, now chaired by Former CJI, Justice UU Lalit. Offering programs approved by BCI, UGC, and Govt of Haryana, coupled with cutting-edge infrastructure, it embodies excellence in legal education.

Garnering the prestigious title of No.1 ‘Law School of Excellence’ by GHRDC 2023, the school proudly epitomizes a relentless pursuit of excellence. This accolade underscores the concerted efforts of its faculty, staff, and students, fostering an environment of unparalleled learning and fostering competent legal minds.

Distinguished by its Centers of Excellence in Legislative Studies & Research, and ADR & Guidance, the School of Law fosters a culture of innovation and scholarly inquiry. In essence, Manav Rachna University’s School of Law stands as a paragon of legal education, empowering future leaders to navigate the complexities of the legal realm with acumen and integrity.

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