11, Oct 2023
Spearkraft Wins Marketing Mandate for Audio Nirvana, Elevating Luxury Audio Experiences to New Heights

Spearkraft Wins Marketing Mandate for Audio Nirvana, Elevating Luxury Audio Experiences to New Heights

New Delhi, October 11, 2023—Spearkraft, a premier brand consultancy renowned for its innovative marketing strategies and creative expertise, has secured the marketing mandate for Audio Nirvana, after a competitive pitch. Being the sole importers and distributors for prestigious international brands like McIntosh, Sonus faber, Rotel and LA Sound, Audio Nirvana has a distinguished reputation for delivering extraordinary audio experiences.

This strategic partnership heralds a new era in the luxury audio market, as Spearkraft combines its exceptional brand-building prowess with Audio Nirvana’s legacy of Hi-Fi audio excellence. Together, they aim to amplify the presence of Audio Nirvana, redefining the boundaries of auditory indulgence and bringing unparalleled experiences to audiophiles worldwide.

Soumyabrata Sengupta, Executive Director of Spearkraft, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “We are honoured to be entrusted with the marketing mandate for Audio Nirvana. This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to innovation, quality, and delivering memorable brand experiences. Spearkraft is eager to harness its strategic acumen to elevate Audio Nirvana’s presence and create a resounding impact in the luxury audio landscape.”

Audio Nirvana, shares the excitement about this alliance. Shitij Khattar, Partner of Audio Nirvana, remarked, “Audio Nirvana has always been driven by a passion for superior audio solutions. Partnering with Spearkraft is an exciting step towards expanding our reach and sharing our commitment to excellence with a wider audience. Together, we envision a harmonious symphony of creativity and innovation.”

Spearkraft’s comprehensive suite of services, including brand strategy, communications consulting, social media marketing, and creative storytelling, will be employed to fortify Audio Nirvana’s market presence. This partnership marks a fusion of creativity and technical excellence, with the aim of delivering unmatched value to audio aficionados and connoisseurs worldwide.

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