24, Feb 2023
SRI-Noida’s Young Engineers Collaborate to Elevate Samsung Galaxy S23 Series’ User Experience, Health Features and User Safety

GURUGRAM, India – February 24, 2023: Samsung R&D Institute Noida (SRI-N) is a global R&D Center developing advanced solutions to suit global and local market needs with expertise in the commercialization of products. SRI-N significantly contributes to the development of smartphones and other innovations. SRI-N closely collaborated with teams in Korea and made contributions in breakthrough innovations in the new Galaxy S23 series.

SRI-N engineers contributed in areas like user experience, health features, performance improvement, and user safety in the Galaxy S23 series.

“The domain of mobile technology is constantly changing in today’s world. As an R&D Centre, SRI-N is developing innovative and intuitive mobile experiences that empower, educate and enrich the lives of our customers. Our responsibility to provide innovative technology to our customers has deepened. With our domain expertise and skill sets, SRI-N is constantly developing innovative products that attract consumers and also shape the future of technology,” said KY Roo, MD of Samsung R&D Institute – Noida.

Improved User Experience

User experience is critical in today’s digital world, where users anticipate a highly intuitive experience. The Galaxy to Share app has been developed to allow users to share all customizations and own personalization settings across Galaxy devices in India. Similarly, the multi-timer feature enables the user to simultaneously have multiple timers, all at the same time, for different activities and tasks. The Bedtime Alarm feature is also more robust, allowing users to customize alarm timings day-wise. To enhance communication, the Direct Dial 4X1 widget has been added to the S23 Home Screen for easy accessibility of priority contacts and dial them at a single touch. SRI-N developed these apps and features to provide the most seamless and intuitive experience to customers while providing a wide scope for customization.

Health feature development & Performance Improvement

With domain expertise in health and wearables, SRI-N engineers have been focused on enhancing health features in the Flagship devices. The Galaxy S23 series is equipped with a new Sleep tracker widget on the home screen, which enables users to track their sleeping patterns and sleep score very easily. Similarly, the Water tracker feature allows users to set their own day-wise water intake targets and sends reminders at custom scheduled timings. SRI-N engineers also contributed towards the improvements in the Samsung Health trackers like Water, Body composition, Cycle tracking, and Heart rate. Such features have been developed, keeping in mind the preference of Gen Z and millennials who like to balance their physical health, fitness, and mindfulness; all together and seamlessly.

User Safety

As technology advances, more personal information is required to offer a better user experience and keep users safe. In order to provide the best experience, engineers at SRI-N have developed the Emergency SOS and Emergency Sharing feature to enable users to send help messages with their own location information and video recording during an emergency, all through a simple action of pressing the power button 3 times. The action initiates the emergency call, which is then followed by the emergency message.

Our consumers are increasingly driven by the productivity, quality, and authenticity of any product. And as an R&D center, SRI-N passionately drives creativity, innovation, and excellence in day-to-day work to pioneer technology transformations that not just appeal to new-age customers but also pave the way for future technology.

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