18, Aug 2023
Supertails launches a never seen before rap video to Announce Annual Swag Sale

Supertails launches a never seen before rap video to Announce Annual Swag Sale

New Delhi, August 18th, 2023: Supertails, the pioneering tech-enabled pet-care startup, is making waves with the launch of its new brand campaign for the highly anticipated annual Swag Sale. At the heart of this campaign is an adorable rap video featuring our beloved furry companions, delivering a delightful blend of entertainment and heartwarming cuteness.

Produced through a collaborative effort between Supertails’ in-house creative team and the renowned agency Green Chutney Films, the video presents a fresh perspective on the Swag Sale. This marks the second edition of the company’s flagship sale. Notably, in the previous year, the brand witnessed an impressive 3x increase in traffic MoM, along with a 40% surge in revenue and a 2x rise in MoM app installations.

With the nation hosting more than 32 million pets, the market projects a notable 25% CAGR by 2030. This growth mirrors the evolving routines and values of people. As the pet care industry flourishes, it underscores the mounting importance of pets in contemporary life. This surge highlights the profound impact of pets on societal dynamics, shaping connections and enhancing well-being.

By spotlighting the charisma of four-legged companions and accentuating the exceptional bond they share with their human counterparts, Supertails embodies the commitment that underscores the company’s ethos. Varun Sadana, the co-founder of Supertails, voiced his enthusiasm for this endeavor, affirming, “The excitement at Supertails is palpable every year as we gear up for our annual Swag Sale. We’re consistently driven to push the boundaries of creativity, offering our audience fresh and engaging experiences. Like the previous year, we aspire to engage with over 15 million unique viewers through our campaign.”

The sale will entail partnerships with more than 200 brands, while the campaign video is set to be prominently featured across Spotify, Youtube, and Meta platforms.

As a dynamic and forward-thinking startup, Supertails remains steadfast in its commitment to redefining pet care through innovation, creativity, and the unbreakable bond shared between pets and their devoted parents.

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