27, Apr 2023
Synersoft Empowers MSMEs with Knowledge-Oriented Webinar on UnitedSMEs Membership Benefits

27th April 2023: UnitedSMEs in association with Synersoft Technologies moderated a webinar outlining the advantages of participation in UnitedSMEs on Tuesday, 25th April 2023. The virtual conference’s aim was to inform Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) on how UnitedSMEs can help them address their challenges and how Synersoft’s dedication to MSMEs is delivering them knowledge-based sessions.

The webinar’s primary focus was the benefits of participation in United SMEs, an initiative financed and supported by Synersoft, the creator of Blackbox solutions tailored to the unique requirements of MSMEs. In the webinar, Vishal Prakash Shah discussed the idea of United SMEs and described how it addresses three major issues MSMEs experience. The three issues include the lack of negotiating power among MSMEs, the difficulties MSMEs have in finding the finest specialists on a part-time basis, and the requirement for consistent training programs to upskill and reskill staff. The same problems are addressed by UnitedSMEs. By joining UnitedSMEs, members may save 60% off the prices of things like email subscriptions, IT gear, antivirus software, management consulting, digital marketing, hiring, branding, and other things that MSMEs frequently utilize. Additionally, it offers free regular training courses to the staff members. The number of workers who can attend training and take part in recurrent year-long courses is capped at four. He concluded by outlining the specifics of each service and membership period and presenting case studies of how UnitedSMEs assisted MSMEs with negotiated procurement, shared services, employee engagement, and greater competitiveness. By visiting the UnitedSMEs website and enrolling in the initiative, MSMEs may take advantage of membership perks.

“During the lockdown, UnitedSMEs was conceived and developed as a result of our innate desire to address MSME issues. This webinar is a component of our efforts to achieve our commitment to provide knowledge-oriented sessions to MSMEs,” according to Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Synersoft. He ended by saying, “Through this webinar, we hope to educate MSMEs on the benefits of membership in UnitedSMEs and how it can help them overcome their business challenges.”

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