4, Aug 2023
TacoTuesday.com Announces the Taco Tuesday Anthem for Planet Earth

TacoTuesday.com Announces the Taco Tuesday Anthem for Planet Earth

Laguna Hills, CA, August 04, 2023 — TacoTuesday.com and music industry veteran, Jud Nester, united forces to create an original Taco Tuesday song that’s sure to get stuck in everyone’s head. The catchy new tune for taco lovers rickrolls listeners to get excited about Taco Tuesday and shake their moneymakers.

“We needed a TacoTuesday.com song that matches our fun vibe. This song gets everyone excited to go out for tacos and captures the happiness that Taco Tuesday brings to the people of Earth. Jud’s infectious energy expresses the feelings of joining friends and family to celebrate Taco Tuesday, and we couldn’t be happier with what he has produced,” said Pamela Waitt, founder of TacoTuesday.com. “In fact, we love this song so much, that we’re challenging the internet to make their own Taco Tuesday videos using this original music.”

For the next three weeks, the crew at TacoTuesday.com will monitor Instagram for original content using the official Taco Tuesday song, tagging @TacoTuesday.official, and using the hashtag #TacoTuesdayChallenge. Videos can consist of visiting a favorite Taco Tuesday restaurant, dancing to the song, celebrating Taco Tuesday at home, or any creative use of the song + tacos. A winner will be announced on Tuesday, August 22nd based on creativity and originality. One winner will be awarded a $500 gift card, plus awesome TacoTuesday.com merchandise.

“I was immediately drawn to TacoTuesday.com and their mission of spreading happiness through tacos,” said Jud Nester, a renowned trailblazer in the music industry and master at his craft. “My passion for music is translated into this song and the energy is contagious. It’s impossible not to groove to this jam and crave tacos.”

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