27, Feb 2023
Taking breaks between the study time best way to beat stress keep stress at bay: Mental health expert

Dr. Jyoti Kapoor

New Delhi, February 27, 2023: Exam time could be a stressful time for students of all levels. But, mental health expert Dr. Jyoti Kapoor, Founder-Director and Senior Psychiatrist, of Manasthali Wellness, said rewarding yourself between study time is the best way to beat stress. She further added that this will motivate the students to continue studying and reduce stress. A small amount of stress can challenge you and stimulate you to work harder. Exam stress becomes problematic when it interferes with your ability to perform and achieve your
academic and learning goals.

“Exam stress is the feeling of tension and worry that comes from test-taking situations. It is normal to feel some stress about upcoming tests, exams, papers or presentations. Therefore, when you’re studying, ensure that you’re taking breaks in between Indeed For example, after studying hard for an hour, take a break and play on the internet for 20 minutes or watch an episode of a TV show that you enjoy. This will help you get your mind
off the exam while acting as a motivational carrot that may help you pick up studying again after your break,” Dr. Jyoti Kapoor said.

Below are the tips that will help you avoid stress so that you can ace your exams:

  •  Make yourself a study schedule, breaking down the topic you want to study day by day
  •  Be realistic about how much you can study each day when allocating your time
  •  It’s very difficult to sustain your concentration for hours at a time so when you find your mind wandering it’s probably a sign you need a short break
  •  Eating healthy and limiting your caffeine intake is essential
  •  Taking time out from studying to exercise may be the last thing you feel like doing, but there’s a reason exercise is a classic stress reliever
  •  Physical activity is a great way to clear your mind and boost your mood
  • After just 20 minutes of exercise, you can hit the books with renewed focus
  •  Talking to a friend, significant other, family member, or advisor when you’re feeling
    really worried can be a huge help
  •  Don’t be afraid to speak to a professional or the mental health services at your school if you are concerned about your mental health during exam season or at any point in the year

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