12, Aug 2023
Terribly Tiny Tales collaborates with Ceat Tyres to launch the highly anticipated second season of its Friendship Day IP Yaar Wala Pyaar S2
Terribly Tiny Tales collaborates with Ceat Tyres to launch the highly anticipated second season of its Friendship Day IP Yaar Wala Pyaar S2
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India, 12th August 2023: In this joyous season of friendship, TTT launches its highly anticipated, Friendship Day IP, Yaar Wala Pyaar S2, in collaboration with Ceat tyres. This is a social first campaign that celebrates the intricacies of modern day friendships and encourages TTT’s highly engaged community of 5 mn+ to explore the world with their friends, even if it means going off the usual path.

The highlight of the S2 Friendship Day campaign is a 7 min short film called Long Drive, directed by Ritesh Menon and featuring Anshuman Malhotra, Shray Rai Tiwari and Akshay Bindra, that was released on TTT’s YouTube page. The narrative revolves around three college best friends whose once-tight bond has been stretched by the complexities of personal and professional life, who find themselves stranded on a rainy day, in the middle of an off-roading trip. The short film touches on different facets of the beautiful bond of friendship with an emotional, heartwarming, quirky, and light-hearted banter amongst them. Attracting 1 mn+ views, the film has been garnering attention and generating praise in equal measures. The engaging social content on TTT’s platform has kept the conversation around friendship going, culminating in an exceptionally memorable Friendship’s Day campaign 2023 for both TTT and Ceat Tyres.

#Yaar Wala Pyaar S2 stands as a heartfelt tribute to the profound bonds of friendship, urging everyone to reconnect with cherished memories from the past and forge new, enduring moments with friends who hold significance in our lives, even if it means taking the road less traveled. Season 2 encapsulates the very spirit of friendship with a series of priceless moments that touch the heart and soul.

Sadaf Khan, Head of Brand Partnerships – TTT was quoted as saying, “Friendship and road trips have been synonymous for generations thanks to Bollywood. With the second season of Yaar Wala Pyaar, we took the opportunity to tap into this eternal and relatable insight with CEAT tyres who understand the nuances of travel, terrain, experience, safety, and all the other aspects that create a memorable journey much like in friendship.

Long Drive, our short film on Youtube for this season, is the story of three friends on a road trip that depicts a range of emotions like nostalgia, celebration, togetherness and human connections. With a narrative that evokes memories of your fondest moments with friends, the film compels you to reach out to your friends, and that’s what we wanted to achieve with this season. Through moving storytelling and engaging content around #Yaar Wala Pyaar S2 on TTT’s social platforms, the response has been overwhelming but the success of our campaign lies not just in metrics but in the smiles we bring to friends, both old and new, as they engage and resonate with our heartfelt message in the digital realm.”

Lakshmi Narayanan B, Chief Marketing Officer, CEAT Ltd was quoted as saying, “ Long Drives often build connections with fellow travelers. This friendship day we wanted to reach out to our consumers with this heartwarming message to ignite conversations that rekindle friendships. Sometimes it is necessary to go “off road” to bring your relationship “on track”. This film by TTT depicts how our tyres carry us through different adventures on the road just like steadfast friends who help us navigate through life’s adventures.”

S1 of Yaar Wala Pyar friendship’s day campaign was a huge success too. Additionally TTT has been highlighting its campaign Yaar Wala Pyar S2 through a string of endearing and catchy social media pieces, that revolve around soulful reunions and carefree road trips with your school friends, buddies, college friends and office colleagues, that makes your heart feel happy and full again. It’s time to take that road trip and strengthen that bond again!

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