28, Feb 2023
‘The Day Tomorrow Began’ series explores breakthroughs at the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago has been home to some of the world’s most monumental breakthroughs. But what are the stories behind these ground-breaking ideas and discoveries? A new series called “The Day Tomorrow Began” tells the history of the big ideas that shaped and defined fields of study—from unraveling the mysteries of black holes to exploring the roots of ancient civilization—and examines how UChicago scholars continue to transform our world today.

“Throughout its rich history, University of Chicago scholars have changed the trajectory of fields of academic inquiry, making the University one of the world’s leading research institutions,” said Paul M. Rand, the University’s vice president for communications, whose teams in University Communications and UChicago Creative created The Day Tomorrow Began campaign. “By exploring the ‘a-ha moments’ in which these pioneering figures changed our past, and how UChicago research is shaping our future, we hope our audiences better understand the global impact of the remarkable work happening here.”

In the debut topic of The Day Tomorrow Began, the series explores how Nobel laureate Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar helped pave the way to the discovery of black holes—and how UChicago scholars are shaping how we study the universe. Subsequent topics in the series explore UChicago scholars’ impact across the realm of human inquiry, including ancient civilizations, quantum technology, sleep, economics and social work.

Each month, a new topic is brought to life across a variety of digital media. The award-winning Big Brains podcast interviews scholars at UChicago and beyond to explore the past, present and future of each subject, while the UChicago Explainer Series answers the biggest questions in the field, and UChicago scholars’ impact in each subject.

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