22, Feb 2023
The latest Internshala report shows Web Development and Python Courses being the most popular among students in 2022

22nd, January 2023: Internshala Trainings, the skilling engine of the career-tech platform, Internshala, in its exclusive report, has highlighted Web Development and Python courses being the most popular among students across the country. As per the report, the top five cities that recorded students opting for the Web Development and Python courses were Hyderabad (12.81%), Delhi (12.40%), Bengaluru (11.16%), Kolkata (8.51%), and Pune (8.23%).

The report highlighted that more than 36.12% of students wanted to opt for an online certification course like Web Development and Python as it may help them secure better job opportunities and internships, 28.38% of students believed that the courses help them to enhance their skills. While 10.69% of students were interested in opting for the courses to acquire certificates. Other reasons, like the ability to build their industry-level real-world project and fulfill the demand of their college authorities, were responsible for students to opt for Web Development and Python courses.

The report highlighted some interesting figures as the Tier-III cities recorded the highest interest to opt for Web Development and Python courses, i.e. 34.66%. Whereas, Tier-I and Tier-II cities recorded a figure of 30.14% and 18.54%, respectively. In the report, more than 58.64% of males and 41.36% of females opted for Web Development and Python courses through e-learning mediums in the past year.

As per the report, INR 50,000 and INR 7,200 was the highest and average monthly stipend, respectively, that was offered to the students who successfully completed the Web Development and Python courses and then landed an internship. Also, 5% of students enrolled in the Internshala Trainings from the last year were hired. Taking into consideration the data of the last two years, 15% of students got job opportunities upon the completion of the courses.

Shadab Alam, Head – of Internshala Trainings, said, “The e-learning model has facilitated smart and easy ways for students to acquire in-demand skill sets. The report highlights that courses like Web Development and Python have gained prominence in the last few years as their demand by companies to effectively run their businesses has increased, thus creating opportunities for the students to get jobs equipped with the knowledge of the required domain.”

He further added, that, “The Web Development and Python courses at Internshala are beginners friendly, allowing students from any educational background to take up the courses and add new expertise to their resume.”

Upon successful completion of the Web Development and the Python courses, the students got offered job opportunities in various companies like Perfectice Eduventure Limited, 1stMentor, United Nations Volunteer, Akaaro, Team Everest, Tare Zameen Foundation, BloodConnect, E Cell – FMS Delhi, BBC India News, Delhi Technological University – TATVA, The Entrepreneurship Cell, and IIT Bombay to name a few.

Also, the students who took the Web Development and Python courses shared their experiences on how the respective programs helped them to secure jobs. Listed below are some of the valuable experiences received as a part of the Internshala training program.

Ansh Singh took the Programming with Python training, said, “In the starting days of training, I was quite confident because I knew I was learning from a trusted and verified site. It helped me so much in upskilling myself and increasing my knowledge. I’m now reputed in my college because I was the only guy with the training certificate and knowledge in the whole batch. Many students, teachers, and even my HOD also came to ask me how I did it and what the advantages were, etc. Also, because of Programming with Python training, I’ve scored good marks in this field, and I’m doing 3 projects with the application of Python. It was a great experience for my career.”

Nitu Kumari joined the Web development training program and found it very enriching to gain a new skill. As a part of her experience, she said, “I took a web development course in 3rd year of my engineering degree. The instructor explained concepts using proper examples and implementation. After this course, I worked as a MERN stack developer. The course helped me get my first Internship at a well-known start-up in just a month, and I also got the job before even completing my internship. The courses are well structured, easy to understand, and helped me land my first job. I am thankful to the founder of Internshala, Sarvesh Agarwal, for building such a good platform.”

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