6, Jul 2023
The World We Want’s Natasha Mudhar Joins V20 India Summit, Supporting the Call for ValuesBased Solutions within the G20 Framework

Natasha Mudhar, Founder of The World We Want, PhotoLONDON, Thursday, 6th July 2023: Natasha Mudhar, an award-winning business leader, impact investor, global communication strategist, filmmaker, and architect of initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has been invited to speak at the prestigious V20 India Summit on Saturday, 8th July in New Delhi. The summit, organized under the theme “LEAD with Values” by the global community of Values 20 (V20) experts and practitioners, aims to provide evidence-based, human-centered policy solutions to the Group of Twenty (G20) by deepening the understanding of values in public policy.

Natasha Mudhar, Founder of The World We Want and a recognized strategic advisor and actionoriented implementer, will be participating in the highly anticipated panel discussion titled “Sustainability Starts Within: A Values-Based LiFE.” She will be joining esteemed individuals such as Pratap Raju, Founding Partner of Climate Collective, Ratnesh Jha, Executive Director of UN Global Compact, India, and Ann Rosenberg, Senior Sustainability and Climate Advisor at EY Sustainability, in sharing valuable insights and fostering discussions on sustainability and values-based action at the V20 India Summit.

This session will explore key themes of personal responsibility, mindset shift, sustainable consumption, social equity, community engagement, personal well-being, and connection to nature. Natasha, with her diverse background and expertise operating at the intersection of corporate, entertainment, and sustainability sectors, will share her insights on how personal values and lifestyle choices can drive positive environmental change.

Natasha Mudhar is widely recognized for her contributions to social impact initiatives and has advised governments such as the US, UAE, and India, as well as global multilateral organizations like the UN. Her accomplishments include spearheading global communications and advocacy campaigns such as the #WhatIReallyReallyWant project, popularizing the SDGs among 1.3+ billion people in India as India Director of the UN’s Global Goals campaign, and facilitating summits and ventures to address women’s health and empowerment issues.

As the Founder of The World We Want, a global impact platform, Natasha utilizes storytelling, collaborations, communications, celebrity culture, and creativity to empower and motivate individuals to bridge the gap between their awareness of issues and taking action to drive meaningful change with urgency. She is also the Global Chief Executive of Sterling Global, an independent business strategy and integrated communications consultancy.

“I am honored to join the esteemed panel at the V20 India Summit and share insights on sustainability and values-based action,” said Natasha Mudhar, Founder of The World We Want. “Through strategic integration of communication, collaboration, creativity, and the power of popular culture, we can bridge the gap between awareness and action, driving tangible progress towards the SDGs. I believe that by empowering individuals and inspiring collective efforts, we can create a more sustainable future for all.”

The V20 India Summit, held on 8th July, marks the culmination of the year-long efforts by the global network of Values 20 members to promote the contribution of values-based policy solutions within the G20 presidency. Under the theme ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: One Earth-One FamilyOne Future,’ India, as the G20 Presidency, emphasizes the integral role of values in addressing global challenges and benefiting the planet and its inhabitants.

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