16, Feb 2023
Think your family is the most chaotic one out there? Think again! Comedy Central is bringing one crazy family to your TVs with their latest offering, The Middle!

Comedy Central is here with a brand new one-of-a-kind family comedy, The Middle. The series is a simple yet engaging portrayal of a lower-middle-class family, their worries about life, and their struggles with day-to-day chores. The series focuses on the raw, comical aspects of family life and depicts a truthful representation of the ups, the downs, and everything in between. The series encourages families to exist, to battle through difficult times, and to love each other no matter what. Watch this hilarious family as they raise three kids and handle life as it comes, from Monday to Friday at 8 pm.

Still curious about this crazy family? Well, here is what you can expect from The Middle!

Mike and Brick’s Bond!
It is for the first time in this episode the viewers will see Mike and Brick developing a bond. Brick helps Mike with a special project, which is to build a lawnmower. This heartfelt moment is joyous for both of them, as the very lawnmower they built becomes their carriage to get Brick to the library before it closes.

The wrong reward
Sue Heck gets an opportunity to win a car by just keeping her hand on the car for the longest. She does exactly that and is announced the winner. But, to everyone’s shock, they are told that the reward is a trip to Disneyland and not the car that Sue was so hopeful for. Everyone gets excited about the family trip, but not Sue. Watch as this situation takes more twists and turns, only on Comedy Central!

A disgusting accident!
It is in this episode that Frankie enters the house in a foul mood, ranting about the difficult day she had just been through. In her haste, she plops on to the couch, puts something on the TV, and complains about how little chips are left for her to munch on. As she grabs another serving of the chips, Sue rushes into the room and informs her of how her day had just become worse; what Frankie was munching weren’t chips at all, but Axl’s toenails!

A Pant-full Of Problems!
Have you ever walked into a public place, and thought everyone was staring at you and laughing? Well, in one episode, that is exactly what happens to Frankie. As she and Mike are going about their day, people start pointing at Frankie’s pants and laughing. Mike then points out what’s wrong. Want to find out what it was? Tune into Comedy Central to find out!

Sue and bad luck!
From the very beginning, one realised that Sue has never been lucky. It is not because she never tries, but because luck never favoured her. But this episode brings out the best in Sue as she tries to curl her hair before joining the new session but ends up burning a bunch of them with a low-quality curler. This is only a small example of the luck that causes Sue to get into rather hilarious problems, one after the other!

Tune into Comedy Central Monday to Friday at 8 PM and watch more such hilarious moments from The Middle!

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